Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

This summer, kids in Tyrone have one more option for recreation at the newly-opened roller hockey rink, located at Reservoir Park.
Hours of operation for Reservoir Park and the roller hockey rink are 8 a.m. until dusk.
There is no charge for using the roller hockey rink. However, if participants have their own equipment such as roller blades, hockey sticks, knee and elbow pads, gloves and helmets with full face masks, they are asked to use it.
Some residents have already donated roller hockey equipment to Tyrone Borough so that kids can use it at the roller hockey rink. Fifty pair of skates have been donated as well as some sticks, helmets, and some other equipment.
Mayor Patricia Stoner recently told The Daily Herald the borough will gladly accept more equipment if individuals would like to donate it. Those who wish to do so may drop equipment off at the borough building or may call the borough offices for more information.
Chief Joseph Beachem will volunteer his time as a roller hockey coach. Officers Greg Ray and Jeff Dillig will also volunteer at the roller hockey rink. Beachem is hoping to have a youth league by the fall.
Beachem also recently told The Daily Herald that at least 15 kids are needed per roller hockey team.
Any parent or individual who would like to volunteer their time for coaching or scorekeeping is asked to contact the borough office as well.
The new roller hockey rink was completed in part by a grant received from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in April of 2001. The $145,000 grant was made available to refurbish the Park Avenue Playground and to build the roller hockey rink at Reservoir Park.
This constituted half of the money for the project. The other funding came from Senator Robert Jubelirer and Representative Larry Sather. Also, some came from CDBG money, and $40,000 was taken out of the borough general fund.
For more information about the new roller hockey rink, to donate equipment, or to sign-up to volunteer, contact Kim at the borough building at 684-1330.

By Rick