Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Over the weekend, the American Cancer Society hosted the 2004 northern Blair County Relay for Life, which was held at the Bellwood-Antis High School Memorial Stadium.
At the 2004 Relay for Life was American Cancer Society ambassador, 13-year-old Lindsey Connelly of Altoona, who has been a cancer survivor since first stricken when she was eight-years-old.
She lost her sight in the initial surgery at eight, which also left her completely disabled. After chemotherapy, she finally improved for a bit; then cancer returned at which time her spinal chord was damaged.
At the event, Lindsey thanked the people from the bottom of her heart for their support of the event and for all the survivors participating.
“On my \’sad time\’ of days or when I am miserable, I know that my Heavenly Father has it all in control no matter what, and someday I know He will make it up to me,” said Lindsey.
She added, “I have learned how to be happy despite my trials…I know the Lord has plans for my life.”
The crowd cheered in response to her message of hope.
Her parents are Captain Timothy Connelly and wife, Chris. Presently, he is serving in Iraq. Capt. Connelly is a member of the 416th Civil Affairs Unit out of the Reserve Unit in Norristown, PA.
Other children include: Sarah, 17; Billy, 10 and Elizabeth who is seven.
Mrs. Connelly spoke prior to her daughter\’s remarks. She said she hoped such events as the Relay for Life, and others, never ends.
“I hope people never stop raising money to fight this disease and for research. It is so important to realize what research is doing and all the things available that we didn\’t have just a few years ago. Maybe it doesn’t seem to be done as quick as we want, but research must go on.
“Great things happen from the money raised as we are ever so grateful,” she concluded.

By Rick