Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

A ‘Theme Basket Auction’ to benefit the local Counseling Clinic of the Tyrone United Methodist Cluster will be held on Saturday evening, October 26, at Tyrone’s Church of the Good Shepherd.
The Counseling Clinic is a project of the United Methodist churches in the Tyrone cluster, which includes churches in Tyrone, Bellwood, Bald Eagle, Grazierville, Tipton and Warriors Mark. The pastors of those churches and interested representatives make up the Board of Directors, who are hosting is hosting the basket auction. Joan Smith of Warriors Mark and Sue O’Brien of Tyrone are CO-chairing the auction.
This is the fourth time this unique fund-raising event is being held, according to an announcement by Smith, who is also a member of the planning committee. She explained that the goal is “to have an evening filled with fun and fellowship while raising money for this vital project.”
Smith added, “ We will be receiving baskets filled with items based on a variety of themes, literally everything from soup to nuts. At past auctions, the creativity of the donors has been matched only by the generosity of the buyers. We are hoping for an equally successful auction this year.”
The goal of the Counseling Clinic is to provide the area with competent counseling services at affordable prices. Clients do not need to be members of the United Methodist Church, or any church, to receive counseling services that are provided by a licensed psychologist. Counseling sessions, set by appointment only, are held at Wesley United Methodist Church each week.
Because services are available to all people regardless of economic status, counseling fees are determined on a sliding scale basis. It is part of the mission project of the local churches to provide the funds needed to serve clients who are facing problems requiring counseling assistance.
O’Brien stated, “Most of our clients are in a situation where they cannot pay full cost, and they aren’t turned away, but we have to supplement with the fundraiser and of course churches give support of a regular basis to the clinic.”
“The basket auction is just one of the ways we supplement the need for income,” said O’Brien.
The Theme Basket Auction is open for anyone to come, and the United Methodist Church is hoping they can get as many people as possible. In the past the event has drawn around 100 people, and this year they hope to have more.
“What we do to set it up is we have a representative or two in each local United Methodist Church and they are responsible for getting their members to donate the baskets,” said O’Brien. “Most of the baskets come from the United Methodist congregations, but it’s definitely open to the public because everyone can help raise money for the clinic.”
Baskets range in price from five dollars to sometimes a couple hundred dollars, whenever bidding gets in a frenzy.
O’Brien added, “People basically come with the idea of supporting the clinic, and they get a basket or two as part of the auction. A lot of folks come and use it as an opportunity to begin their Christmas shopping.”
The evening will begin with a preview at 6:30 p.m. during which prospective bidders will be encouraged to look over the various baskets to be sold.
At 7 p.m. the auction will begin with the Rev. Norman Huff serving as auctioneer and Bill O’Brien will be his assistant. They will describe the contents of each basket as it is offered for sale.
“This is going to be an excellent time to shop for gifts for others or for yourself, and an excellent opportunity to help a very worthy cause – the local Counseling Clinic,” said Smith. “Plan now to be on hand on Saturday evening, October 26, for the Theme Basket Auction.”

By Rick