One Hundred years of history

For over 100 years, the 1018 Pennsylvania Avenue has been the location of The Daily Herald. The newspaper has been here so long, that the borough of Tyrone named the street next to the building Herald Street.
Many people have worked here and reported many things. From the Walter Main Circus Train Accident in Bald Eagle in the 1800’s to the recent Heroin bust in Tyrone, The Daily Herald has reported it all.
From World War I to the buildup to a possible war with Iraq in present day, the Daily Herald has kept you informed. When we look through the microfilm to compile the Tuesday timeline, we read coverage of all the conflicts that the United States have participated in.
The Daily Herald was heavily involved in the Centenial Celebration in Tyrone in 1857. We also were a part of the Sesqui-centenial celebration of Tyrone’s founding in 2000.
When Tyrone was a ‘Town for Hire’ in the early 1970’s to the closing of Westvaco in 2001, The Daily Herald has covered it all.
We have had many people come in and out of these doors, bringing you coverage of local events. Virgie Werner, Matt Swayne, Harry Hartman, Dan Meckes, the Miles family, the Chamberlain family and more. Friday night, Steve Michaels showed me a press pass that he has with the stamp of the Chamberlain family on it.
We all remember where we were on September 11, 2001, the same way the people who lived through Pearl Harbor and the JFK assination know where they were when they heard the news.
With the invention of 24 hour cable news networks, the way this operation works has changed.
When The Daily Herald started, it was your source for everything. Local, National and International news and sports. Now, we focus on the local events. We take the time to cover what your school boards and local governments are doing. We bring you events of the community like the Christmas or Halloween parade, we cover Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies.
From Herb Werner to Len Slother to Bob Miller, The Daily Herald sports department has provided coverage of Tyrone and Bellwood-Antis sports for many years.
The location may be different, but the job remains the same. Our goal is to bring your hometown to you.
In reality, I will miss this old building. The history inside these walls is neverending.
I am looking forward to starting a new history in our new location, 1067 Pennsylvania Avenue. Hopefully, we will be reporting on many positive things over the next 100 years. The completion of I-99, something to replace Westvaco, another State football championship. They are all things that I look forward to as we make more history at our new location.
Stop in and see us. Joyce, Patty, Chris, Bob, Kerry and I are all looking forward to serving you for many more years.