Residents of the Tyrone area will soon be receiving a free motion picture in their mailbox

The Tyrone Area Jesus Video Project is preparing to mail out more than 10,000 JESUS videos to every home in the 16611, 16617, 16669, 16683, 16684, 16686 and 16877 zip code areas.
Scheduled to arrive in mailboxes beginning Monday, the JESUS video distribution is one of the largest unified efforts of local churches and businesses in the history of Pennsylvania. The Tyrone Area churches are working in conjunction with a projects in Huntingdon and Clearfield counties and in the Brockway area to send out more than 60,000 videos this Christmas season.
Originally released in theaters by Warner Brothers, the JESUS video reveals the epic story of the life, teachings and messages of Jesus Christ. It is the most translated and widely shown film in history. Partnering with churches all over the country, the JESUS Video Project America, the national organization, has distributed more than 17.5 million videos in the United States since 1992. That’s one out of every seven homes.
“Our vision is to give every household in America the opportunity to see the JESUS video, and watch the scriptures come to life in the privacy of their own home,” said Kevin Mascaro, executive director for JESUS Video Project America. “It is our hope that as people watch the video, they will respond to Jesus’ message of hope and love.”
The Tyrone Area JESUS Video Project is a local group led by Todd Lewis. To date, the project has raised more than $45,000 to distribute 10,000 JESUS videos throughout Central Pennsylvania. Working with more than 145 churches of varying denominations, the combined JESUS Video Project of Central Pennsylvania has rallied immense support and unity to bring JESUS to more than 60,000 families.
“The message of JESUS is as relevant today as it was in Biblical times,” said Lewis. “It is a message of hope, peace, goodwill and reconciliation. The times we are living in are uncertain. However, I believe that JESUS can motivate families to love one another, motivate communities to unite in peace, and motivate those who are down and out to a renewed hope. JESUS can impact families eternally.”
According to Mascaro, JESUS Video Project America is growing and has seen video distributions gaining momentum with dramatic upswings in the last two years.
“There is a greater sense of urgency today to get the video into every home,” said Mascaro. “Our nation is at a crossroads and more and more people are seeking answers to their problems. Even the president of the United States is saying that lives need to be transformed, not just bandaged. And he recognizes, as we do, that the gospel is essential in truly changing a person’s life.”
Applauding the efforts of the Tyrone Area JESUS Video Project, Mascaro states: “We are seeing God move on a very large scale as local Christians embrace the vision of bringing JESUS to every home in their community.”
More than 100 volunteers have helped in the efforts to bring JESUS to more than 60,000 Central Pennsylvania homes. The JESUS Video Project of Blair County is already planning for the next phase of distribution.
“Our goal is to distribute a JESUS video to every home in Blair County,” said Jim Edwards, Blair County coordinator. “It is a big project, but we have momentum and a broad base of support from area churches. However, we would like to encourage all those who have the desire to get involved, to call 944-9331. As communities work together to give this special film to their neighbors, they will see the positive effects it has on people’s lives.”