Statewide building code amongst routine business of Snyder Township

Amongst the routine business discussed at last evening’s Snyder Township meeting, Lane Wolfe, chief building inspector for the Middle Department Inspection Agency, gave a brief presentation to supervisors on the statewide uniform building code.
Wolfe told supervisors that based on the building code legislature started in 1999, the township must “opt in or opt out” in dealing with code inspections.
Opting in would allow the township to enforce inspections, while opting out would require residents to hire a third party to handle inspections. If the township would opt out, it would have no control over inspection fees.
If the supervisors decide to vote to opt in, the next step will be to send a letter of intent to the Middle Department Inspection Agency.
Dan Fichtner and Dave Grazier were on hand to give a brief update on the Kunzler’s Land Development plan. For the storm water and flood plain, no confirmation of change was given for the flood plain since work was completed on it in 1995-96. The plans for the 100-year flood plain are being resubmitted to FEMA, which should take approximately four months to get cleared.
The next step is for FEMA to approve the plans for the flood plain, and then the plans will be given to the township engineer, Bill Gohn.
Supervisors denied a request by Heidi Aguillo of Perpetual Care, LLC to receive a building permit without a sewer permit. Aguillo said the contractor is ready to start building as soon as possible, and that the approval paper the sewer authority requires will be available in three to five days. However, the supervisors decided to wait until the meeting with Northern Blair Sewer Authority, which is scheduled for today, in order to issue the sewer permit or not.
Township engineer Bill Gohn gave an update on the on-lot sewage pumping deadline. The township started with 2,000 names, and the list has been narrowed down to about 70 names of individuals who still need to comply with the deadline.
The issues that complicated the project were on-lot systems, out-dated tax maps and vacant lots. The deadline is extended to November 21, and then the township will take action on those who have not complied with the on-lot sewage pumping deadline.
In other news, the supervisors:
• decided to have a special public meeting on Thursday, October 16 at 7 p.m. to discuss the fire protection agreement;
• designated Trick-or-treat night for Thursday, October 30 from 6-8 p.m.;
• voted to make the proposed planning committee five members instead of seven;
• approved for township engineer Gohn to make the final inspection on Pyramid HealthCare;
• awarded the salt bid to American Rock Salt; the anti-skid bid to New Enterprise and the ashes bid to New Enterprise;
• approved the township secretary Viola Dysart to invest a portion of township money from PLGIT Bank to Portage Bank;
• approved to drop the Blair County Sanitation Committee, effective December 31, 2003 and
• gave notification that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation approved a no turn on red sign at the Bald Eagle Intersection.