Thu. May 30th, 2024

Our final practice went real well. We showed a lot of energy. We have been practicing really hard this week, so I look forward to a great game tonight.
Compared to the others I have been involved in, this season’s camp went extremely well. We have practiced quite hard for as many kids as we have been getting into action. It has been a little difficult getting as many reps as in the past, because there are so many younger kids who we have to get into the mix. Some of our seniors didn’t get as many reps as we could have.
I’m not as important as the captains, in a leadership role, but I am one of the main people for the team, because I am a senior. The younger kids look up to us to show them what to do.
The buddy system is going pretty good. For two years in a row now, I have gotten bigger buddies, thet are always are bigger than me. It’s a good thing that we do with the buddy system. It teaches us something about discipline-wise, because we have to know certain things about our buddies. It’s a good system.
The first time in the season when you go out onto the field at Gray-Vets Field is difficult. It’s quite nervous, because there are so many people watching you. But, once the first play goes, you just forget about everyone being there. it’s a great feeling to be all excited and gunned up for the game.
After we didn’t do so well in the first half, Terry (Tate) told us during the second scrimmage that everybody expects us to do good and go to states, but we have to remember to take one game at a time.We don’t want to overlook an opponent and get beat.
It would be a great accomplishment for us to beat Bellwood tonight. That would be twice in a row and it’s been six years since we have beaten them at home. I think that if we keep our heads straight tonight, we should be able to pull it out.

By Rick