Kopp Drug expansion efforts making progress

During the last week or so, residents and motorists may have noticed demolition work at the old Sheetz Store in Tyrone.
Yesterday, Pete Kreckel of Kopp Drug explained what’s been happening since the middle of the month.
“They are leveling it to make way for a new (Kopp Drug) store,” said Kreckel.
He said the new store would face West 14th Street and would be at least four times larger than the current building. He said the new location would have 6,000-square feet of space. However, it’s possible it could even be larger if Kopp Drug is able to acquire a private property next to the old Sheetz building.
If that happens, the new building would have 8,000-square feet of space and allow for the construction of a warehouse, according to Kreckel.
The current Kopp Drug building at 1365 Logan Avenue would eventually by demolished once the new site was ready. Kreckel said the current site would be converted into a parking area for the new site.
Kreckel said plans for the new Kopp Drug building have been in the works for several years ever since Sheetz moved to a new location at 1400 Logan Avenue in 2000. Kreckel said since then the old Sheetz had remained empty. A lease Sheetz had with the owner of the building expired and eventually Kopp Drug was able to negotiate the purchase of the property from the former owner.
“Everyone is excited about the new building,” said Kreckel.
He said the facility will mean a new modern pharmacy.
“We’re just counting the minutes until it’s done,” said Kreckel.
He said the current location has been in use for 20 years and had once housed a Mister Donut shop.
Kreckel said the pharmacy does not have a projected completion date for the new facility since the final design and actual construction would be affected by whether or not the additional property next to the old Sheetz building can be obtained.