Direct Access care for patients available at Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services

Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc. recently announced physical therapist and facility director, John Fries, MPT, is now participating in Direct Access physical therapy care at Phoenix’s Bellwood clinic, located at 2032 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd., in the Martins Plaza.
Direct Access physical therapy simply means that a person is able to make their own decision when it comes to seeing a physical therapist. No more doctor’s visits or referrals, direct access makes it possible for the public to seek physical therapy care on their own, without having to see a doctor or receive a referral first.
The American Physical Therapy Association describes direct access as “the right of the public to directly access physical therapists for evaluation, examination and intervention, without first having to obtain a prescription from a physician.”
Currently, the public has the ability to request the services of a physical therapist in 38 states, other than Pennsylvania.
A recent press release from Phoenix explained there are additional benefits to Direct Access as well. The company referred to a 1994 study conducted on the cost-effectiveness of Direct Access. The study “revealed that the costs incurred for physical therapy visits were 123 percent higher when patients were required to visit a doctor to receive a referral.
“Nonetheless, if treatment time exceeds 30 days, a physician’s referral will be needed to continue care.”
Company President and CEO David Watson, MS, PT said, “The passage of Direct Access to physical therapists in Pennsylvania will greatly benefit the patients, both former patients and new patients, seeking care at our clinics. By being able to see a physical therapist quickly, treatments can be initiated within hours of injury, greatly cutting down on treatment duration and costs. Our physical therapists will then be in the position to work with and make referrals back to the physicians, which will ultimately aid in the communication process and benefits to the patient. It is a win-win situation for all parties.”
Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services’ missions statement says, “Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc. believes that patient care should be efficient, purposeful, and cost effective guided by the principles of employee satisfaction and quality clinical outcomes delivered in a customer friendly and professional health care environment.”
Fries explained his patient philosophy on the company website, saying, “As a healthcare professional, I believe that each patient should be treated as a person, not just a diagnosis. I strive to provide individualized therapy programs to meet each person\\\’s unique needs in order to maximize healing, prevent injury reoccurrence and promote continued wellness. These goals can be accomplished by providing effective patient education in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. This develops a relationship where the therapist and patient can work together as a team to achieve all treatment goals and ultimately, return him/her to a pre-injury lifestyle.”
Individuals wishing to receive more information may visit the website at, call Phoenix in Bellwood at 944-8264 or toll free at 1-888-644-7747.
Phoenix has locations throughout Pennsylvania, including Duncansville and Williamsburg. Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc. is a Medicare Certified Rehabilitation Agency providing outpatient rehabilitation services to patients in 30 Pennsylvania communities. In 2002, the company was ranked 68th on INC magazine’s prestigious list of America’s 500 private company growth leaders.