Beer license approved for downtown Tyrone restaurant

Tyrone Borough Council approved the transfer of a license to sell beer for a downtown Tyrone restaurant at last night’s meeting.
Francesco D’Ottavio went before council for the second time this year to transfer a liquor license into the borough for use at his restaurant.
Last month, council denied D’Ottavio’s request to transfer a license from Logan Township to Tyrone by 5 to 3 vote. A public hearing was held before the council’s vote last month and members heard from D’Ottavio, his lawyer and the public.
D’Ottavio explained he wanted only to sell beer at his business or make it available for six-pack take out. However, the license he was attempting to transfer allowed for the sale of all types of legal liquor.
Council wondered if the license could be changed to only authorize beer sales. They were told the license would have to be scraped and the business would have to apply for an entirely new license.
D’Ottavio appeared at last night’s meeting and a public hearing was held regarding the transfer of a different license. This time, the license involved the sale of beer only and the business owner wanted to transfer it from an establishment in Hollidaysburg.
Solicitor Larry Clapper asked the testimony from the initial hearing be incorporated into last night’s hearing. D’Ottavio again explained his intention to sell beer to eat-in customers and allow take-out. Three members of the public gave comment indicating they did not want to see the license approved.
Tyrone Police Chief Joseph Beachem also informed council there were two calls in his records since September of last year for D’Ottavio’s address at 1302 Pennsylvania Avenue. However, he said neither one directly involved the business.
After the hearing, council reconvened its meeting and a motion was made by Bill Latchford to deny the transfer of the license. Jennifer Bryan seconded the motion. The motion failed 5 to 3 with Mayor Jim Kilmartin siding with Latchford and Bryan.
Another motion was made by Bill Fink to approve the license and it carried 5 to 3 with council members Fink, Jim Grazier, Steve Hanzir, Virgie Werner and Don Boytim voting in favor of the transfer. Latchford, Bryan and Mayor Kilmartin voted against approval.