Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

For the first time since it was opened in 1989, the Town and Country Animal Hospital, Warriors Mark, will undergo a major face lift. For a little over a year, the clinic management team has been planning an expansion project that will eventually result in a 2,112-sq.-ft. addition, providing some much needed space.
“We’ve been in need of some more room for offices and examination rooms for some time,” said Margie Wertman, Town and Country office manager. “Our examination room space is somewhat limited — we currently have three exam rooms — and this project will provide a significant amount of space so that we can serve more patients at one time.”
Warriors Mark contractor Bruce Cox has been enlisted to do the construction work which will grow the building, located in “village central,” along Route 550 very near to the intersection with Route 350. Once completed, the new “wing” will not only provide office and exam space, but it will also accommodate the clinic’s already thriving “large animal” business.
“We don’t just offer care for smaller, domestic pets,” Wertman explained. “We also provide care for large animals — horses and other farm livestock — so the additional space will be a welcome change for the better.”
The Huntingdon County Planning Commission had a “first look” at the plans for the expansion, which will also involve a subdivision of property.
“There are three parcels being affected by this expansion project,” said planning director Richard Stahl. “The parcel positioned directly behind the clinic will be split in two, a part of which will be added to the clinic’s tax parcel and the other part will be incorporated into an adjoining lot.
“During the building construction phase, the contractor will be making some improvements to the parcel’s on-lot sewer system.”
Stahl noted that the plans are in compliance with the county comprehensive plan and that no major issues were noticed.
Town and Country Animal Hospital was founded in September 1989 by Dr. Wayne Hershberger, DVM. The clinic is now a corporation and Hershberger serves as president of the corporate board.
Since plans are still in the preliminary stages, a project budget has not been disclosed.
“This is the first time since the clinic was opened that a major building project has been discussed and planned,” Wertman said. “It’s been something that’s needed to happen and we’re glad to finally get moving on it.
“We want to be able to serve our patients to the best of our ability and this expanded building will help us do just that,” Wertman said.
Construction could begin as early as this summer.

By Rick