Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Working on the theory “a comfortable, well-rested dog is a happy dog!”, the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society is asking people to “share the comfort” by helping supply its “resident” canines with special beds designed to help them rest better.
The shelter is inviting animal lovers to donate the special Kuranda Beds that feature soft, cleanable material supported by a sturdy, poly-resin frame and come in varying sizes.
Studies have shown that animals who are made more comfortable in their confined spaces are more likely to be better pets and suffer less from “cage stress” associated with being confined for extended periods of time.
The cost of the beds is determined by their size and range in price from $40 to $60.
“It’s a small price to pay to provide clean, safe and comfortable bedding for our homeless dogs,” said Dave Hopkins, CPHS Director of Fundraising/Public Relations.
“People interested in ‘sponsoring’ a bed can inquire at the shelter….or check out our website which will explain the program and accept donations.”
To find out more about the beds, check the CPHS website at .

By Rick