Tyrone YMCA receives $10,000 grant from Department of Community and Economic Development

With the help of state Senator Robert Jubelirer, the Tyrone YMCA has secured a $10,000 grant from the Community Revitalization Assistance Program, which is a division of the state Department of Community and Economic Development.
“We really want to express our appreciation to Sen. Jubelirer,” said Amy Hampton, executive director at the YMCA. “He understands the needs of this community and put his best foot forward to throw in a hand. We owe that man a lot.”
According to Hampton, the funds need to be used for operating costs and working capital. She said that most likely, the funds will be used to help alleviate expenses associated with the organization not paying its share of local, state and federal income taxes over nearly a 30-month period.
“At this point, the board will have to decide how best to use this money,” said Hampton, noting the check should reach the Tyrone area in four to six weeks. “We may decide to put a percentage of that money into our financial problems with our taxes. But that will be decided at our next board meeting.”
The next board meeting is scheduled for Nov. 20.
Recently, the board received good news when the Internal Revenue Service abated more than $19,000 in penalties assessed because of the YMCA’s previous accountant’s failure to make proper tax payments to authorities.
Hampton estimates the organization still owes between $6,000-$8,000 in local taxes and another $45,000-$50,000 in federal taxes.
“We just faxed the last piece of information to the state (Wednesday) to see if we can have some of the penalties they assessed us abated,” said Hampton. “We’ll have a better idea of where we stand on those issues in about 60 days.
“We’ve been working closely with the state and IRS to take care of these problems and the dialogue has all been positive.”
Hampton said perhaps the biggest help the YMCA has received has come from the community of Tyrone.
“This community has been tremendous,” said Hampton. “It understands what happened and know how important this organization is to the community. We thank everyone.”
The recent Gas-A-Thon, held in cooperation with Sheetz on Oct. 12 in Tyrone and Bellwood, is direct evidence of that support. Sheetz donated 5-cents for each gallon of gasoline pumped at the two stations on that Saturday.
According to Louie Sheetz, executive vice-president of marketing with Sheetz Inc., 7,407 gallons of fuel was pumped at the Tyrone location and another 6,958 gallons was pumped in Bellwood. That translated to a $718.25 check to the YMCA from Sheetz.
“Both location had their greatest gasoline sales days, for a Saturday, in many months,” said Sheetz.
The YMCA has also arranged a number of fundraisers to help alleviate the costs.
The annual Indian River Fruit Sale is the current fundraiser. Those interested can purchase grapefruits, oranges and apples from Indian River Florida and a portion of the price will benefit the YMCA.
Cost is $11 for 2/5 bushel box of pink grapefruits, or $18.50 for 4/5 bushel box. Tangelo and Navel oranges are also available, at $13 per 2/5 bushel box or $21.50 for 4/5 bushel box. Mixed boxes, which include grapefruits and Navel oranges are priced at $14.50 per 2/5 bushel box and $25 per 4/5 bushel box.
There is also a trio pack available for $21. This pack contains pink grapefruits, navel oranges and red delicious apples.
Orders and full payment must be made by Nov. 25. The fruit will be delivered Dec. 12.
Hampton said plans are also underway for a fundraising bus trip to Lancaster for an on-stage performance.
Anyone seeking more information is encouraged to contact the YMCA at 684-2740.