Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Megan Molnar
A New Jersey chapter president of the National Organization for Women criticized the double-homicide charge facing Scott Peterson. Marva Stark said, “If this is murder, well, then anytime a late-term fetus is aborted, they could call it murder.”
Former NOW President Patricia Ireland appeared on television Monday, May 19th in an attempt to calm the angry masses and said that this case is and should be charged as a double murder. However, when NOW was asked if Ireland’s position was the position of their organization, their spokeswoman was quick to point out that Patricia Ireland is no longer the president of NOW.
Instead of distancing itself from the views of Marva Stark, the Morris County, N.J. chapter president, NOW is distancing itself from Ireland who at least showed some common sense and conscience when asked about the case. Apparently, Stark had already shown the true colors of the organization.
From the perspective of NOW, Scott Peterson should be charged with killing his wife — but should get a freebie on the murder of their child. By trying to find the pro-abortion silver lining inside every cloud, Stark rushed to the defense of that hero of the abortion movement, Scott Peterson. And she has made Connor Peterson, Laci Peterson’s unborn son, a poster child for the pro-abortion position by doing so.
Everyone, no matter what his or her stance on abortion, should be disgusted at NOW’s view of this case. A group that claims to be protective of women’s rights has become so twisted on this issue that it is protecting a woman’s accused killer.

Stark tried to cover herself against the swarm of media preying on her words by saying that the “viability of the Peterson fetus…makes a great deal of difference.”
Someone tell this woman to stop talking. NOW won’t tell her to. “Out of respect for Laci Peterson,” said spokeswoman Rebecca Farmer, “NOW won’t comment.” They will not mention of the baby or the double homicide.
NOW makes the leap of linking the Laci Peterson case to the abortion debate, the right to choose, and Roe v. Wade. Which is odd since Laci Peterson wanted her child and chose to have it. But of course if she didn’t, then no one would even be debating here. Connor would just be one of the 1.5 million abortions that take place every year.
When NOW was founded in 1966, its purpose was “to bring women into the full participation in the mainstream…exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men.” NOW has strayed so far from their original intentions that they have finally made themselves heartless and cruel, or insane.
The Laci Peterson case is a tragedy which consisted of the death of two lives. Who could possibly look at this grisly murder and think anything else? And yet, these women do.
A brutal double murder is committed, the alleged killer is captured, and charges are filed. A “women’s rights” group rushes in yelling, “Hey, no fair! You can’t say he killed two people! What about legal abortions?”
It sheds a new light on the abortion issue, doesn’t it?

By Rick