Thu. May 30th, 2024

The bell rang this morning to open school in the Tyrone Area School District.
Parents put their children on the bus at home and raced to the Tyrone Elementary School to take pictures of the kids getting off the bus and heading into their first day in the classroom.
“The day is going well so far,” said Tyrone assistant superintendent Joann Lang. “When you walked around kindergarten and first grade in the past, you would see a lot of tears. This year we haven’t seen very many.”
Part of the reason behind that is forward thinking on the part of the school district.
“I believe that the orientation classes we had this summer has helped make the first day easier for the kids,” said Lang. “They rode the bus to school and had the chance to find their classrooms. I really believe that the orientation helped make a big difference.”
This is the fifth full school year that the Tyrone Elementary School has been opened.
“After five years, most of the problems have been ironed out,” said Lang. “So far the buses have been moving on schedule. We have had a couple minor problems, but they are being taken care of.”
With the start of school underway, all teachers are in place.
“We have teachers in place and we are working with a couple substitutes in special education,” said Lang. “We have a couple teachers on maternity leave. We have a good staff. We hired two social workers during the summer and they hit the ground running. The additional family support staff will help play a major role in making this year successful.”
Opening day in Tyrone started without any major glitches. On Wednesday, Bellwood-Antis opens its doors to students.

By Rick