Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Week three of the football season is on us folks. Once the season gets started, it seems like the time speeds up until it goes by in a blur with little distinguishable between the weeks. The kids are in school and people go through the same routine at work. Maybe that’s the reason for high school football. Think about it.
Many thanks to George “Scoop” Sample who was our guest picker last week. This time out, our special guest is Cary Simpson, president of the Allegheny Mountain Network and long-time familiar local WTRN radio personality.
Our guest Scoop Sample and Daily Herald General Manager Chris Lash tied for the best score last week. Each went 8-2. Lash who holds the early overall lead with an 18-2 mark, missed the Huntingdon overtime win and the Penn State loss to Boston College. Sample missed the Penn State game and his Huntingdon County loyalty pick of Mount Union over Chestnut Ridge. The guests are 15-5 after two weeks.
Kerry Webster (16-4) maintained his hold on second place going 7-3 this week missing on Penns State, Mount Union and Lewistown. Bob Miller (13-7) and John Harlow (14-6) each went 7-3, while Kerry Naylor (14-6) was 6-4 last week.
Tyrone at Lewistown: Lewistown beware! The Golden Eagles are coming off a 23-20 overtime loss to Big 8 rival Huntingdon. Tyrone controlled most the Bearcats for most of the game. The one player the Eagles and everybody else will have trouble with in 2003, is do-everything quarterback Geoff Kozak, who runs, passes and throws like a machine. Even when knocked silly and not remembering an entire half like in the Tyrone game. Unfortunately, the Orange and Black remember. Lewistown is 0-2 and will be lucky to win a game all year.
The picks: Miller Tyrone 39-0, John Harlow Tyrone 27-0, Kerry Naylor Tyrone 42-0, Kerry Webster Tyrone 29-10, Chris Lash Tyrone 28-10, Cary Simpson Tyrone 20-7.
Everett at Bellwood-Antis: The Blue Devils rebounded with a vintage B-A performance against Mercyhurst Prep on Saturday night. Can Bellwood-Antis continue on the way to a successful season against Everett. Will the B-A defense, with their lack and size and experience be able to stop the Warriors huge Wade Grimes, a heavyweight wrestler who doubles as a fullback in Everett’s Wing-T offense that features the fullback as the major runner in the backfield. Everett is 2-0, but has gotten off to slow starts against both Glendale and Claysburg-Kimmel, before coming on strong in the second half.
The picks: Miller Bellwood-Antis 25-14, John Harlow Bellwood-Antis 17-10, Kerry Naylor Bellwood-Antis 26-12, Kerry Webster Bellwood-Antis 18-12, Chris Lash, Bellwood-Antis 16-14, Cary Simpson Everett 20-14.
Bellefonte at Huntingdon: Huntingdon is not all Geoff Kozak, but it helps coach Jim Zauzig knowing he is thereto run the offense. He has had a part in some way in every Bearcat score in the first two games. Bellefonte (0-2) dropped a three-point decision to undefeated Philipsburg-Osceola last week after stumbling to Penns Valley in week one.
The picks: Miller Huntingdon, John Harlow Huntingdon, Kerry Naylor Huntingdon, Kerry Webster Huntingdon, Chris Lash Huntingdon, Cary Simpson Huntingdon.
Bishop Guilfoyle at West Branch: BG had some doubts at the beginning of the season about their offensive line and quarterback and receivers. Their greatest strength-running backs Josh Destefano and Matt Georgiana, has been everything that was expected and the rest of the team has shouldered the load. Defense has done their job, although the passing attack hasn’t been needed. It won’t be needed this week either. West Branch has had trouble scoring-only a single TD in each of two losses.
The picks: Miller Bishop Guilfoyle, John Harlow Bishop Guilfoyle, Kerry Naylor Bishop Guilfoyle, Kerry Webster Bishop Guilfoyle, Chris Lash Bishop Guilfoyle, Cary Simpson Bishop Guilfoyle.
Penns Valley at Philipsburg-Osceola: These two schools started playing each other a couple of years ago. Next year both will be a part of the Nittany Division of the revamped Big 8 Conference which goes to two divisions of six teams each. P-O is undefeated for the first time in a long time. Penns Valley is trying to bring back the glory years when the Rams plowed through their opposition each week with ease, after several down years. Penns Valley lost to BG 19-0 last week to stall hopes of an ICC title, but has high hopes for the district playoffs.
The picks: Miller Philipsburg-Osceola, John Harlow Philipsburg-Osceola, Kerry Naylor Philipsburg-Osceola (this one will show if the Mounties are for real or not), Kerry Webster Philipsburg-Osceola, Chris Lash Philipsburg-Osceola, Cary Simpson Philipsburg-Osceola.
Mount Union at Moshannon Valley: Mo Valley has opened the season with two wins and has only one regular season loss (to Bellwood-Antis in the mud and rain) in the last two years. The Knights have looked tough on both sides of the line of scrimmage in wins over Southern Huntingdon and West Branch. Mount Union killed Carson Long (44-0), then was outscored and outplayed by Chestnut Ridge.
The picks: Miller Moshannon Valley, John Harlow Moshannon Valley, Kerry Naylor Mount Union, Kerry Webster Moshannon Valley, Chris Lash Moshannon Valley, Cary Simpson Moshannon Valley.
Chestnut Ridge at Claysburg-Kimmel: Ridge (1-1) lost to undefeated Bishop Guilfoyle by six in their opener then put Mount Union away with the game not as close as the 33-20 final score with the Trojans scoring two late TDs after the Lions built up a 33-6 lead. Claysburg piled up 320 yards in defeating Tussey Mountain, then played Everett tough for the first two quarters, before getting hit by a three TD barrage in the third quarter.
The picks: Miller Chestnut Ridge, John Harlow Chestnut Ridge, Kerry Naylor Chestnut Ridge, Kerry Webster Chestnut Ridge, Chris Lash Claysburg-Kimmel, Cary Simpson Chestnut Ridge.
Ball State at Pittsburgh: Pitt will have Rod Rutherford all the way this time. Rutherford was on the bench for being stupid off the field in an incident where he did something he shouldn’t have done, at a place where he shouldn’t have been. It didn’t mater last week against Kent State and it won’t matter this week either, although the Panther offense will have the full compliment of starters at least to begin. Here’s hoping Doug Roseberry gets some time on the playing field.
The picks: Miller Pitt 49-7, John Harlow Pitt 47-3, Kerry Naylor Pitt 34-14, Kerry Webster Pitt, 48-6, Chris Lash Pitt 38-10, Cary Simpson Pitt 48-6.
Penn State at Nebraska: The Nittany Lions struggled in a win against Temple, then had their hats handed to them early last week against Boston College. This week, they have to travel into the lair of the Corn Huskers of Nebraska. Last year Nebraska was surprised by Penn State bad. This year, it won’t be a surprise, but the shoe is on the other foot. The question is not so much whether the Lions can win, but can they get their offense in gear enough to stay close?
The picks: Miller Nebraska 27-20, Harlow Nebraska 24-3, Kerry Naylor Penn State 27-17 (this one will show if last week was an anomaly, or if last year was), Kerry Webster Nebraska 29-7, Chris Lash Nebraska 28-14, Cary Simpson Nebraska 30-17.
Steelers at Kansas City: Kansas City running back Priest Holmes is back to normal following some fears after his injury and rehabilitation during the offseason. Hot Tommy Maddox and his receivers carried the game for Pittsburgh last week in the opener against the Ravens. The Steeler defense was able to hand rookie Kyle Boller lots of “rookie moments.” Can they bedevil Trent Green in the same way? The Chiefs defense shut out San Diego in their opener.
The picks: Miller Kansas City 30-28, John Harlow Kansas City 21-7, Kerry Naylor Steelers 38-31, Kerry Webster Kansas City 35-19, Chris Lash Steelers 34-30, Cary Simpson Steelers 28-14.
K. Talmadge Cupp wrote to the Daily Herald this week that he and Francis Givler witnessed a heart-warming conclusion to the Tyrone-Huntingdon football game.
“Coming off the field, distraught and upset by the series of events, Brandon Maceno had his teammates and coaches wrap their arms around his, giving their support and comfort to overcome this loss and move on through the remainder of the season. That fans, is confidence and faith in one another as a team.
“Their will be a few fumbles in life after football for many of these young men, but the character they showed after the football game ended, I am sure they will succeed in their future endeavors on and off the field. Their motto of “Team, Toughness, Tyrone” was very evident Friday night.”

By Rick