Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Although ticket sales for the April 17 fundraising concert of the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library are going strong, library officials spent a good deal of time yesterday evening discussing the operational expenses of the facility.
According to Chuck Banas, the library board’s vice president, the state cuts for libraries across the commonwealth has drastically effected how the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library operates. Already, the library has cut hours of operation, number of employees and the purchasing of new books and periodicals.
Banas said if more money isn’t generated for daily operational expenses, the board may find itself in a deficit when the fiscal year ends in June.
“We’re in a dire situation and financially, we’re against the wall. Right now, if we don’t raise any more money at all, were looking at an $8,000 or $9,000 deficit in June,” said Banas. “Ask any business man or woman. A deficit like that is definitely not good.”
As for the ticket sales, Banas said this morning that 651 tickets have already been sold. He said the board is about at their goal of 700.
“We’re already at that ‘almost level’,” said Banas. “I really feel that the goal of 700 is attainable. If we can reach that, we’ll be in good shape as far as the mortgage goes.”
Earlier this year, the library board secured a mortgage to pay off the remaining costs associated with Jeff Long’s construction of the new facility. Banas said if 700 tickets are sold, enough profit will be generated to pay one year’s worth of mortgage payments.
If the ticket sales are more than the 700, Banas said any extra revenue would be directed toward operational expenses.
As fundraising efforts continue, the move downtown also continues.
“We’ve been filling a dumpster with cardboard boxes each day,” said Banas.
He said as of today, the move is about 75 percent complete. He said the vast majority of the books are on the shelves, and board members and volunteers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of furniture, which is expected to come either March 29 or March 30.
“We still don’t have a concrete date for a grand opening,” said Banas. “The ribbon cutting and opening ceremony are in limbo right now until we can put all the final pieces together.”
The board is still seeking volunteers to help move the final “heavier” items from the old location on Logan Avenue. Banas said anyone interested in volunteering some time or muscle is encouraged to stop by the new library facility and speak with Director Lynne Nearhoof or Assistant Director Judie Adams.

By Rick