TACO announces parade winners

Tyrone Area Community Organization recently announced the winners of the Halloween Parade that was held in Tyrone last week.
Prize winners for age group zero to four-years-old include: first place, Skyler McCaulley; second place, Shaylee Morrissey; third place, McKarzie Rae Johnson and fourth place, Ethan Bogel.
Winners for age group five to seven-years-old include: first place, Randi Ann Riggleman; second place, Makayla Ritchey; third place, Hilari Moore and fourth place, Donovan Oswalt.
Winners for age group eight to 10-years-old include: first place, Morgan James; second place, Sierah Bogel; third place, Sarah Ammerman and fourth place, Tristan Lingafelt.
Winners for age group 11 to 12 years-old include: first place, Aleah Hoy; second place, Jessica Daugherty; third place, Lizzie Shields and fourth place, Sam Yeaton.
Winners for age group 13-years-old and up include: first place, Ridge Pass; second place, Chris Miller; third place, Jonathon D. Fink and fourth place, Debra Snyder.
Winners for groups of two or more participants include: Jacob Orr and Caleb Orr, and winners for groups of five or more include: Cathy Berg and Eagle Youth Cheerleaders.