Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

The following information was provided by Niki Edwards, public affairs officer, at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Regional office which is overseeing local counties affected by September’s flood.
As of March 15, Blair County was approved for $2,025,756 in Individual Assistance and Household grant money. The money is used for two provisions; housing and other needs and is given to individual residents who were affected by the flood. As of March 15, there were 936 applications for aid.
The figures for Huntingdon County were $1,379,250; 702 applications. For Centre County: $940,048; 534 applications.
The figures do not include any small business loans which were granted by the Small Business Administration to help businesses, homeowners and renters recover from the flood.
Edwards also gave figures for Public Assistance funding; money used to aid state and local governments and certain non-profit organizations.
In Blair County, the amount deemed eligible as of March 15 is $548,772.
Snyder Township has been deemed eligible for $56,561 for work done on bridges and roads.
In Tyrone Borough, the amount as of March 16 was $19,661 approved for debris removal.
However, just this morning, borough finance director Phyllis Garhart said she received word late yesterday that Tyrone had been approved for $26,155.30 under the debris removal category. She said all the monies were designated for the little league field which sustained severe damage as a result of the Sept. 17 and 18 flood. She said the money would be used for repair or replacement of the bleachers, the fencing, the field’s surface and stone in parking lot.
Edwards noted once FEMA approves the money it is given to the state which eventually releases to the municipalities and qualifying agencies. Those parties must go through a documentation process to receive reimbursement for emergency and/or permanent work done as a result of the flood.

By Rick