Area Korean War Veterans honored at ceremony

Area Korean War veterans were recently honored at a service held at Christ United Methodist Church.
State Rep. Jerry Stern presented medals and certificates to over 100 veterans throughout this area, or a member of their family, as a way of saying, “Thank you for your service to our country.”
The service included patriotic music and a salute to all branches of the Armed Forces.
Those honored by Rep. Jerry Stern included:
ARMY: Margaret W. Forrest, John W. Gorman, Robert J. Monahan, Donald M. McCahan, Russell David Ball, John H. Nearhoof, Charles DeArment, Joseph J. Scordo, Warren H. Wilson, Robert J. Larson, James L. Williams, Cloyd Anderson, Fred LeCrone, Dalton D. Dobbins, Wilmer G. McManigal, C. Elton Crider, William E. Delozier, Bruce R. Gwin, Grant E. Russell, Charles S. Fleck, Charles Curtis Hoover, Walter Morris, George Stever, E. Jackson Sleeth, Charles Nulton, Harry S. Dillon Sr., Francis Gurekovich Sr., Daniel McMonagle, Leonard M. Miller Sr., Daniel Thomas, Charles G. Ofiesh, Sherwood A. Burger, George P. Papas, Everett W. Slagle, Paul E. Rickard, Charles A. Dobbins, Samuel D. Waite, Frederick X. Steele, Ernest E. Keller, Jack W. Hoover, Sidney N. Hamer, Donald R. Dillon, Clarence Edwin Mills Jr., Wilmer R. Frye, Thomas R. Muir, Ray Fasick, Joseph C. Stouffer, Joseph F. Croyle, Joseph C. Diehl, Donald Kimberling, Thomas J. Tingle, Ray E. Clark, Gary I. Crownover, Daniel P. Wyles, David B. Wyland, James C. Dengler, Vincent J. Frank, Frank Friedenberger, Harry E. Bennett, Cloyd L. Smith, Kenneth L. Black, James R. Feathers, Frank P. Ferrara, James Andrew Fisher, Ray J. Funicelli, Charles B. Hauser, James M. Schmidt, Wilson D. Catherman, Ronald P. Schreiber, Herbert S. Taylor, Nelson R. Catherman, Dennis Patton, Ronald McCleary, Robert Erb, Donald Blazier
ARMY AIRBORNE: Kenneth D. Kurtz
AIR FORCE: William R. Lewis, Raymond Amato, George Frederick, Henry Schirmacher, Michael Macovitch, George J. Gill, Andrew M. MacMillan, Robert R. Rajnish, Joyce Amato, Anne Sukala, Homer E. Leaper, Bernard J. Bookhammer, Arthur T. Colyer, William L. Gilliland, Gordon Cox, Frank M. Laird, John E. Morder, James A Calvert, Richard C. Brown
NAVY: Robert D. Grazier, William Hunter, Thomas L. Bookhammer, Dolores Greenawalt, Walter E. Chihon, Kenneth Edward Wilkinson, Samuel W. Lewis Jr., Leon Collins, David L. Cowher, Donna J. Nearhoof, Thomas J. Sault II, R.J. “Jack” Sloey, Ronald Zimmerman, Budd I. Lucas Jr., Herbert Carn, Richard J. Allen, Donnie W. Bonsell, Richard E. Hewel
NAVY AIR FORCE: Donald A. Ruggery Sr., Calvin W. Miller Sr.
MARINES: George E. Lehman, Walter Edwards, Daniel V. Altiero, Richard Lightner, Alfred E. Woomer, Thomas R. Price.