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Not permitted on property
On Feb. 15, Tyrone Police received an anonymous call reporting that Harriet Fisher was to be at 1553 Blair Ave., Apt. No. F31 and was not permitted to be on the property. Patrolman Matt Lutz located the “No Trespass” letter on file at the police station that was addressed to Fisher informing her that she is not permitted to be on the Tyrone Townhouse property; she would be arrested if she did not comply. The officer made contact with the manager of the townhouse property and advised the manager of the report. The officer then made contact with the apartment in question and Fisher was inside. Fisher was placed under arrest for Defiant Trespass, and she was aware that she was not allowed on the premises.

Throwing snowballs
Debra Walk of Tyrone reported to Tyrone Police on Feb. 15 that she was in the parking lot of the Dollar store and observed two males throwing snowballs at vehicles. Walk stated that when she started to drive out of the parking lot, she saw a snowball coming towards her vehicle, but just missing it. She stopped her vehicle and yelled at the two males. She said both males explicitly expressed that they would damage “two” of her windows. Police told Walk that they would keep checks in the area.

Drunk and disorderly
On Feb. 16, Tyrone Police were dispatched to 301 Sylvan Acres for a suspicious male knocking on the back door of the said apartment. Resident Heather Hewett told 911 that the individual seemed to be very intoxicated. When officers came on the scene, they found a male rolling around in the snow behind the apartment. The individual was Isac Eaken of Tyrone. Eaken was detained and a warrant check was run through 911. Eaken was found to have two bench warrants through the Blair County Sheriffs Office. Officers escorted Eaken to the Tyrone Police Station, and while doing so, Eaken vomited in the back of the patrol car. Eaken was cited for Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness. The sheriff’s department came to the station and took custody of Eaken.

Found snowplow
Tyrone Police received a call on Feb. 16 about a truck with its snowplow down making sparks and causing a disturbance along the 400 block of W. 23rd St. Officers arrived on scene and found a plow sitting along the road, but no truck. Attempts to locate the vehicle were unsuccessful. Police said it appeared that the plow had been snapped off from the truck frame after being dragged and run into the curb. 4-Paws Towing responded to the scene and retrieved the plow for police. It was later known that the plow belonged to Brad Dixon of Tyrone, and the plow was later released by officers.

Ran red light
On Feb. 16, Tyrone Police Officers Jessica Barlick and Nathaniel Smith stopped a vehicle driven by Charles Sperfslage for proceeding through an intersection when the traffic signal displayed a steady red indication. Sperfslage told police he believed the light was yellow, and stated he was color blind. Police stated a citation would be mailed to him.

Late night ruckus
Tyrone Police were dispatched to 402 Washington Ave., Apt. G in the early morning hours of Feb. 16 for a disturbance. Officers made contact with Angela Williams and several others who had decided to keep their night going after leaving a bar. Police advised Williams and the others that they needed to keep the noise down.

Domestic disturbance
On Feb. 18, Tyrone Police were dispatched to a domestic disturbance at 2217 Lincoln Ave. On scene, Officer Dustin Rhoades made contact with a female who called police and stated that she and a known male had entered into an argument, and that he had pushed her. Police reported no injuries to the woman, who then advised the officer that the male left the residence prior to police arrival and that he was possibly going to his mother’s house to stay. Officer Rhoades made contact with the male at his mother’s house at W. 21st St. The male stated that the woman had called him several times while he was out and when he showed up, the two of them had an argument. The male advised the officer that he had no intentions of going back to the Lincoln Ave. residence, and that he was staying at his mother’s house for the night.

Prank calls
Tyrone Police were advised by Tyrone Sheetz employee Sandy Walters that several prank phone calls had been made to the store on Feb. 18. Walters stated that the caller was a male, but that she did not recognize the voice. The officer on scene advised Walters that she could either use *57 to trace the call, or *60 to block the number if the incident happened again. The officer returned to the store later that day and was told that there wasn’t anymore prank calls since the previous time.

Unauthorized use of vehicle
On Feb. 18, Donald Briggs of Altoona reported to Tyrone Police that his daughter’s boyfriend, Harold Burger, took his 2001 Chrysler Sebring from his daughter’s residence at 1356 Pennsylvania Ave. Officer Greg Ray went to the scene and spoke with the daughter, Sara Briggs, and she stated she and Burger got into a verbal argument. The argument escalated and Burger allegedly pushed her and struck her in the mouth, causing her lip to swell. She then gave Burger the keys to the Chrysler and he left. She stated she didn’t want any prosecution, and if charges were filed, she wouldn’t show up for court or testify. Officer Ray told Mr. and Mrs. Briggs that they could press charges for unauthorized use of a vehicle, and that he would charge Burger with charges related to him striking their daughter. Officer Ray then left the scene and made consistent checks by the house to see if the vehicle returned, and when it returned, the officer notified the Briggs’ that the vehicle was back at the residence. Charges will be filed against Burger at D.M.J. Fred Miller’s office for Unauthorized Use, Simple Assault and Harassment.

Truck slid into residence
Thomas Miller of Tyrone told Tyrone Police on Feb. 19 that he was returning home from a fire call and was turning onto Burley Ave. from W. 12th St., and his truck slid on the icy roadway and slid into a residence at 111 W. 12th St. Miller said he knocked on the door of the residence and nobody answered. He said there was minor damage to the corner of the house. Officer Greg Ray went and checked the residence, and found the rain spouting and a piece of wood on the corner of the house had minor damage. Miller stated that he would go to the residence again in the morning and attempt to make contact with the owner.

By Rick