Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Since the whistle blew for 121 seconds on October 26, 2001, the rumors have continued to swirl concerning the future of the former Tyrone Westvaco plant.
There were rumors of Budweiser turning the plant into a brewery one month, a rumor that there was a water bottler coming to town and also rumors of Westvaco reopening the plant as it was.
Eleven months have gone by since the doors closed at the mill displacing over 250 workers, and the rumors continue.
The talk around Tyrone has been heating up in the past couple weeks, and the talk is positive. The talk is that a group of investors have come to the forefront.
The Daily Herald has placed phone calls to MeadWestvaco spokesperson Debbie Cox and received, “no comment.” Westvaco Tyrone personnel manager John Ferner said, “the status of the mill is status quo.”
The Altoona Blair County Development Corporation (ABCD) took the lead in finding a business to take over the plant. Marty Morasco, the spokesman for ABCD had no comment.
Talking to the various local politicians over the past few weeks, there have been hints, but no definite information. Everyone keeps saying that something positive will be happening, just be patient.
The patience is starting to wear on many people. It has been almost a year since the whistle blew for the final time. Unemployment compensation is starting to run out and many have taken other jobs.
The latest rumor has the plant being sold to a unnamed Limited Liability Company (LLC). The plant is being rumored to be re-opening around the first of the new year with anywhere from 50 to 150 employees.
There are rumors of former employees being contacted about their availability if the new company takes over.
There are rumors of work being done at the springs to prepare the plant for reopening.
The Daily Herald talked with Mayor Pat Stoner to see if there was anything to report. The mayor responded with no comment.
Rumors are flying, nothing is being said. The Army Operational Security statement was loose lips sink ships. The hope is that these rumors bring a ship into Tyrone with the possibility of many good paying jobs.

By Rick