Letters to the Editor

Attention anyone who puts a Christmas display in your front yard. Be on the look out for a Grinch in Tyrone. My family put lots of time in decorating our home in the bitter cold and have had them let for the past three nights. Then some Grinch decides to steal our spiral tree and drag cord. Bah Humbug!
I hope it looks as nice at your home as it did in our front yard. $25 for a tree set up for three days and some Grinch has to steal it. I hope you think of us everytime you light it this holiday season. You Grinch! You won’t stop us, we’ll just get another one.
Bah Humbug you Grinch,
The Kaup Family
— — —
Dear Editor,
I wish to make known my thoughts, my interest and my knowledge about Greentree Village.
I am really in agreement with the letters to the editor by Helen Mengle and Ed Schenck in the Saturday, November 16 edition of The Herald.
As for Greentree itself, I speak from experience. I was a resident there for some time. The location is beautiful and very desirous for many things. The buildings are just not suited for use as classrooms unless a lot of renovations have been made which I doubt very much have been done. Did any one member of the school board look back at the inside of any of the buildings? If not, why not?
I question why Pyramid or the present owners are not forced to connect with the new sewer system. The sewer line was completely across the back of the property and I have observed, in the past, an open sewage pit when the line was broken. And it was not repaired when I was there. Had the property been owned by a private citizen, he would have been fined by the state department for non-compliance. How does Pyramid get away with that?
As for the pupils, (and let’s not refer to them as kids. Kids are baby goats.) I would think any educated psychologist would be aware of how this type of child is thinking. They are not dumb, not at all. They reason: “Hey — all I need to do is skip school or refuse to do my homework or talk out in class or any such poor conduct and will be sent to Greentree. Wow! There will be no ‘Dumb’ teachers there and you will not have to sit in a stuffy room all day. You can study what you like to study and not what some teachers say you should. (It’s not even mentioned incentives.) Go there and you’ll have it made!
Even if it comes to a point where the authorites “kick me out”, so much the better! Now look, I don’t have to go to school, mom works all day, I can sleep in, eat at Burger King and just do as I please. What could be better?
Yes — that is their way of thinking. And I would be remiss if I did not mention girls. Why are only boys mentioned? I know plenty of girls who need some special instructions, too. Girls aren’t even considered!
I don’t question for a minute Pyramid’s intention in so far as I can read about it, but let’s require some authorities, (school board members) to take a closer look at the situation.
School directors — don’t just sit there like a bunch of puppets! We have had enough of that for the last fifteen or twenty years. (More about this later.)
In closing, I extend best wishes to ALL for a happy and festive holiday season!
Gertrude L. Gunsallus
— — —
To the Editor,
Kudos to the mayor, borough council, highway department, Sam Anders and all who had a part in the downtown streetscape program. The stars are a real work of art and in time will become a trademark of Tyrone, just as the old wooden ones were in their day.
In spite of the negative comments by a small but vocal minority, this place we call home is indeed looking like a good place to live. Thanks also to all those who generously donated to the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Lighting Fund.
The beautiful trees are gone, but they had outgrown the promises of those who sold us on the idea of that type of tree and had become impossible to put lights on, and in addition were destroying the sidewalks. Let us hope that the borough will tend to the new ones earlier and not let them get out of hand this time.
Jim Ramsey