Stoner appointed treasurer

The Tyrone Borough Council named Mayor Pat Stoner as acting treasurer and tax collector following the resignation last month of Borough Manager Al Drayovitch.
According to Borough Solicitor Larry Clapper, this was a step that needed to be taken immediately.
“What is at issue here is the manager is the tax collector and treasurer for the borough and since we don’t have someone in the managers position we have to have someone to do it because it has to be bonded,” said Clapper. “We had to get somebody in place right away because the taxes are starting to roll in and somebody has to collect them. You want them to be bonded, because if there is a problem with money being lost or stolen, you don’t get to recover anything.
“I talked to the mayor before I left, it was decided that since she is here all the time, it would probably be the most logical thing for her to do that. She is doing this without extra compensation. It is something she is doing until we get a new manager on board,” he continued. “I saw no problem with it under the charter and what we’ve done is she is named the individual on the bond and that had to be done right away. We need ratification from council to approve that.”
The issue was questioned during the public comment by resident Bill Fink.
Clapper asked Fink what his issue with the appointment was.
“I wanted to find out how according to Section 706 of the Home Rule Charter can the mayor hold the position and according to Section 802 appoint an acting borough manager,” said Fink.
Clapper corrected Fink and said Section 803 is the provision for the acting borough manager.
“You said in Section 706 that the mayor can not hold any other compensated office,” said Clapper.
As the solicitor started to answer Fink, the mayor interjected, “I’m not getting paid.”
Clapper chuckled, then continued, “She’s not getting paid and as a matter of fact I think it is great that she is doing it without any compensation. As far as Section 803 goes, it says that council can appoint from one of their members as a manager for an interim period. Council doesn’t have to. It says council may do that at anytime. They don’t have to do it now, they could do it next month or anytime.”
“My question is would it be easy to do that and get somebody to do the whole thing?” said Fink.
Clapper answered, “in this instance, we needed somebody on board and the mayor has done that without additional compensation. The mayor is the logical choice at this point.”
“I personally ran it by some people to get their opinions on it,” said Stoner. “I talked to some council people to get their thoughts before I said yes to it.”
A motion was made by Jim Beckwith and seconded by Virgie Werner to appoint Mayor Stoner as temporary treasurer and tax collector. The motion passed 5-0 with Stoner abstaining.
Council members Jeffrey Watson and Jennifer Bryan were absent from the meeting. Watson had a family health issue and Bryan missed due to the passing of her father.
In other council action:
• Council voted unanimously Billy Mayes as a new part-time police officer.
• Council voted unanimously to allow use of Reservoir Park for the Tyrone Women’s Clup Flea Market on May 10.
• Council voted unanimously to match the Regional Arts Council Grant of $1,554.
• Council voted unanimously to donate $300 to the Tyrone VFW Teener League.
• Council voted unanimously to allow use of the pond at Reservoir Park for the Fish Rodeo on April 18, sponsored by Albermarle Corporation.
• Council voted unanimously to ask the volunteer fire companies to provide financial statements to the borough.
• Council voted unanimously to purchase a new back hoe for the water department and a new code enforcement car.
Council meets again Monday night at 7 p.m. in the Tyrone Municipal Building.