Local Intelligence

I have limited space this week due to the amount of news, advertising and filled pages. So let’s dive right in.
I sometimes don’t think people realize how much time and effort goes into planning an event like a candidates night, or the Tyroner’s Are Great sale, which takes place tomorrow.
It takes a lot of work and it’s frustrating when it’s not supported. That’s why Daily Herald Editor John Harlow vented yesterday in his column and why reporter Kerry Webster wrote what he did concerning the remarks made at a recent Antis Township supervisors meeting.
I want everyone to know that I read, approved and backed both articles. If I didn’t feel we were doing a great job, I would be the first to admit it. I never rest on laurels and anyone in this office knows that I constantly push us to be better. I sound like a broken record each and every morning when I arrive.
The men and women running for office who will attend next week’s Candidates’ Night will prepare to show you why they should be elected. Let’s show our support with a good turn out and listen to what they have to say in answer to our questions. And since everyone missed the last Candidates’ Night, you can listen to the entire evening starting at 11 a.m. tomorrow on 1340 WTRN.
I did find it interesting that not a single sitting Tyrone Borough councilperson made it to the first Candidates’ Night. That to me speaks volumes. Even worse was the no show of Mr. Viva La Revolution, after such a big deal was made in this column and his Monday letter to the editor. Sorry but he has zero credibility with me. And he might as well go to www.tyronepa.com to write his negative ramblings on one of the discussion boards there. He’s had enough attention in this paper.
Thanks for selling out our Wednesday edition of The Daily Herald. The positive next step for the future re-opening of Westvaco was tremendous news! Kudos to the Tyrone School District for already approving the KOEZ zone. Approving this tax free zone was critical in finalizing plans to bring these jobs back to town. Next Tyrone Borough Council and the Blair County Commissioners will take the next move forward. The complete sale and details of the plant re-opening are coming soon! Tyrone does indeed have many positive things happening.
It also doesn’t hurt the area economically to have 4,000 new jobs coming with the building of the Logan Town Center.
I was part of a nice conversation with Tyrone Mayor Pat Stoner a couple of days ago. I hadn’t seen or talked to the mayor for some time, and it was good to talk about ideas. One of her ideas is the opening of the new playground at Reservoir Park tomorrow, and weather permitting, should be the place to be with your children or grand children.
DelGrosso Park has out done itself with its summer event schedule this year. Concerts ranging from Christopher Cross, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Blackhawk and contemporary Christian performer Jaci V. are just incredible. A big high five to Tom Riley on a great job in organizing.
In the last few weeks The Daily Herald has done our part to help the Citizens Fire Department when we erased a past debt and provided some advertising for several of its events. Sometimes I need to mention these things because they can go unnoticed and with no thanks.
Thanks very much for reading, and now I leave you with my new, somewhat original ending. Viva La Revolution!