What TAHS Students Do to Prepare for Finals

Melody Garthwaite(12th)- “Most teachers will give a review handout. So, instead of studying everything, I only look over what will actually be on the final. I definitely don’t drive myself nuts though, because usually I’ve already learned everything throughout the year.”
Josh Frye(12th)- “I really don’t prepare for finals. In fact, I never did. Instead of studying for weeks or cramming the night before, I just relax and perform some voodoo rituals in my backyard. My neighbors usually call the cops when I have a bonfire blazing at six in the morning, but hey, I’m graduating aren’t I?”
Lara Edmundson (12th)- “I don’t do very much to prepare for finals. I keep most of my papers from the entire year and look over them briefly.”
Ashley Rusico (11th)- “I don’t think I will do much preparing because as long as you pay attention in class most of the school year the finals are common sense and anyone can do well on them.”
Erin Langenbacher (11th)- “My thoughts have always been with Gautama (Siddhartha) where, in order to follow the truth of a subject you must leave your family and sit under a tree in the middle of no where.
Robbi Dick(11th)- “In order to prepare for finals I do any study sheet the teacher gives, then pray for the best. In high school at least, if you pay attention everyday and do your homework you’ll do well on finals.”
Elizabeth Kreckel(10th)- “I study by doing all the worksheets teachers hand out. I think they help a lot and summarize the entire year very well.”