Senior Advise

“High school years will be the best years of your life. Keep your grades up, and don’t let anyone ruin your chance to be successful, you can do anything you put your mind to.”
~Lindsey Bailey

“During your 9th grade and up years don’t slack. Keep your head on the game, study and work hard. You’ll be what you want to be.”
~Frank Light

“I know life is hard sometimes—you know, living in such a small community where everyone competes with each other, but don’t work to impress others. Work to impress yourself and you will go wherever you want.”
~Ashley Conterras

“Do your homework and enjoy high school while it lasts because it’s the only place you can be with all of your friends. It’s all over after this.”
~Brett Harris

“Have fun and don’t make any stupid mistakes or decisions.”
~Kurt Diehl

“Love it while it lasts. It all goes too fast.”
~Dan Grazier

“Don’t take education as a bad thing because you will need it to make it in the world.”
~Crystal Young

“Value your time with friends, because you don’t know when you’ll see them again.”
~Alicia Merryman

“Never give up on your dreams and if you think you’re not good enough or just can’t reach the goals, push harder and you’ll make it.”
~Brittany Wilson

“Follow your own voice it will take you where you need to be.”
~Brad Poboy

“Find friends that really care for you, and really think about long term goals, rather than the fun you’re having right now.”
~Matthew Burnett