Tyrone Borough operating on all cylinders without a borough manager

Tyrone Borough has been running without a borough manager since February 10, 2003 when Al Drayovitch resigned. Since February, the borough has been running on all cylinders.
“The department heads have been handling things extremely well,” said Tyrone Borough Director of Administration Phyllis Garhart. “Every department head knows their responsibility and everything has and is being taken care of.”
Following Drayovitch’s resignation, the borough started advertising the position and the borough will be taking applications until June 30. Thus far 25 resumes for the position have been received by the Borough.
The Borough Manager has oversight responsibilities over the water, sewer and highway departments and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the borough.
“It has been business as usual,” said Garhart.
“Anything that has needed addressed has been taken care of.”
In the past department heads went to the borough manager when something needed taken care of. Now they could contact one of three people to assist.
“When there is a legal matter, the department heads contact the solicitor (Larry Clapper), Mayor Stoner assists when called upon and the borough engineer Ray Myers will assist in an engineering capacity.
“It depends on what the situation dictates on who gets the first call,” said Garhart. “Our department heads know their jobs and haven’t had to ask for much help.”
With things running smoothly, The Daily Herald asked Garhart why have a borough manager if things are running so smooth?
“The borough needs to have one person in place for the department heads to report to,” said Garhart. “Everyone has been working well together to get through this time without a borough manager, but the borough needs a manager in place on a full-time basis.”
With the application deadline of June 30, 2003, and the length of time to interview and settle on a new manager, the 2004 budget will be planned by the department heads.
“I will be sending out the worksheets to the department heads at the end of July to estimate the end of 2003 and plan for 2004,” said Garhart.
“We get a lot the information needed for the budget in August. Our department heads will fill out their requests and we will start the preliminary budget work.”
Garhart is quick to point out that it has been a team effort that has kept things working smooth at the borough.
“We have an excellent work force,” said Garhart. “The highway, water and sewer department is at full staff. Everyone has been working hard together. It took a lot of hard work from Tim Nulton at the sewer department, Gary Barr at the water department and Vern Latchford with the highway department to keep things running as smooth as they have.
“If one person wasn’t working hard, we would have experienced problems. Thankfully, things are working smooth.”
The deadline for applications for the Borough Manager position is June 30, 2003.