Tributes to Harry Sickler

George Stever
longtime friend and community leader
“It is not the years a person has lived but how much the person has accomplished in his lifetime. Much can be said about the accomplishments Harry Sickler has achieved. Harry had the rare vision to recognize the needs of the community and the courage to act on his convictions. I would like to refer to Harry as the ‘silent partner.’ In his own silent way, he made things happen which were beneficial to Tyrone, especially the sports program. He was not interested in the accolades and recognition, but rather liked to stay in the background. I feel that the dedication of the baseball field to Harry will be a constant reminder of his numerous contributions. I cherish the 60 plus years that we have been friends. We have hitchhiked a few miles together.”
Gene Hagg
long-time friend
“My memories of Harry are many but the ones I remember the most are when we were alter boys. We always served together and getting up to serve at 5:30 a.m. mass on Holy Days was pretty rough. Harry would always say, ‘I’ll meet you at the bottom of Hillcrest.’ Then we would walk to St. Matthew’s together. Also we drank our first beer together after Midnight Mass.”
Ara Parseghian
former Notre Dame head coach
“Katie and I send our heartiest congratulations. What a great honor to have a sports complex in Tyrone bearing your name. It is certainly is a testimony to your civic involvement and charitable work. The only thing I have had named after me has been a couple babies and a dog! You and your family have every reason to be very proud.”
Jerry Sandusky
former Penn State defensive coordinator
“Harry Sickler is one of those special individuals that come along and make a huge difference in a community. Tyrone is recognizing Harry as a person who lives each day with enthusiasm, laughs, learns, loves people and above all remains loyal to those who are dear to him. Harry, you have given your life in service to others and now those you have touched are recognizing you forever. Congratulations and thanks for always helping.”
Foge Fazio
former Pitt Panthers head coach and NFL assistant coach
“I first met Harry Sicker nearly 20 years ago — where else, at Notre Dame. We all know of his love and dedication for his alma mater. Having had the opportunity to be in Harry’s company, it is easy to see that he is truly a great sportsman, always helping others and promoting Tyrone sports teams. His Bull Pen is a testimonial too the Tyrone area sports scene with numerous framed pictures, trophies, plaques and articles covering the history of all the area sports. Harry is a tireless, generous contributor and loyal supporter of his community. Through his efforts, he brings his many friends from South Bend, In., and Washington to play golf with his hometown buddies at Sinking Valley Country Club with revenues going to local charities. I’ve attended for many years. It is fitting that Tyrone honors one of its own by affixing his name to the sports complex. Harry is most deserving and will continue to give support and promote his community in helping others.”
Congressman Bill Shuster
“I am very happy to hear that the community has decided to name this field after Harry Sickler. Harry has demonstrated a deep commitment to our area and cares greatly about our community. I can think of no better an honor than to name this park after Harry who has given so much to us over the years.”
Jim and Jennifer Gregory
former WTAJ sports Director and business associate
“Synonymous. That is the word my wife Jennifer and I think of to describe the involvement Harry Sickler has had with sports, athletes, teams and the community in Tyrone. You can’t mention a Tyrone athlete or team in the past 50 years that hasn’t enjoyed Harry’s support. And when it comes too family, Harry has the largest extended family in Blair County. Everyone he befreinds is made to feel like a part of his family. We have the fondest memories of all our gatherings from the Bull Pen Open and Christmas parties to golf tournaments and football games. Harry is an ambassador, a true gentleman, but most importantly, a friend. In our opinion, there isn’t a person in Tyrone that deserves this honor more than Harry K. Sickler. Congratulations Harry!”
Marty Marasco
Executive Director ABCD Corporation
“It’s been my pleasure and privilege to know Harry Sickler on a professional working level for many years. Harry is a representative of the ABCD Corporation Board of Directors and a member of the Blair County Industrial Development Authority. His input has always been valuable, candid and in the best interest of Blair County. When tough decisions have to be made, Harry has been a sounding board and a collection point for diverse opinions from all sectors of the community. We appreciate his courteous, wide ranging viewpoint and his continuing commitment. Professional dedication can only measure half of the man. On a large scale, Harry has put the same effort into the love for his community that has reached many lives — young and old — in the northern end of Blair County. His influence with young people, his role as a sportsman, his continuous promotion of the value of education — has meant much to generations of young people who have chosen to move on, or who have chosen to stay and make Blair County a better place to live. Behind the scenes, Harry leaves a legacy of charitable efforts and gift giving. Many people will never realize that it was Harry who provided the necessities to someone in need when normal channels were not available. It’s a real privilege for me to offer my comments to a truly outstanding and community dedicated individual — Harry Sickler — properly called ‘The Host of Tyrone’.”