Bellwood-Antis approves coaches, advisors and consultants

Administrators administer. Teachers teach. Students learn.
Simple, right?
Fortunately, there’s a lot more to the education process than just that.
Last week, school officials at Bellwood-Antis gave unanimous approval for a number of individuals to carry out the “other” responsibilities necessary in preparing the students of the district for their future.
The following individuals were appointed as curriculum chairpersons for the 2003-04 academic year. Their salaries will each be $326.05 plus $25 per individual in accordance with the BAEA Agreement: Karen Gibbons, English K-4; Susan Nelson-Zong, English 5-8; and Sara Weamer, English 9-12. Richard Bower will chair K-12 fine arts and Julie Roseborough will chair the health and phys ed department for K-12.
In mathematics, Lee Hoffman, K-4; Jerry Farkus, 5-8; and Lisa Hartsock, 9-12. Mary Kay O’Connor will chair the practical arts grades 5-12.
In reading, Paula Kauffman, K-4 and Susan Nycum, 5-8.
Science will be chaired by Lori Dionis, K-4; Tim Trexler, 5-8; and Gene Yingling, 9-12.
Cathy Moriarity will chair social studies, K-4; Deanne Davis, 5-8; and Robert McMinn, 9-12.
Kathy Taylor will oversee special education K-12, while John Garritano will chair the vocational curriculum 9-12.
The board also appointed athletic coaches.
Steve Conlon will return as head varsity baseball coach at a salary of $2,704.67. Tim Weiand, $1,901.42 and Bill Edevane, $1,882.59, were retained as assistants. Mark Ballos was named as a volunteer assistant coach.
Varsity softball will again be headed by John Hammond at a salary of $2,704.67. Darrell Claar will be the assistant coach once again, and at a salary at $1,758.19. The volunteer assistant coach will be Joe Schreckengost.
The varsity boy round ballers will be led by Timothy Keech, at a salary of $3,609.39, and the assistant will be Matt Stinson, at a salary of $2,220. Varsity girls’ basketball will have Nick Lovrich at head coach at a salary of $3,215.72. The assistant varsity girls’ coach will be Melissa Lovrich at a salary of $2,318.33. Ken Gardner will be the volunteer assistant coach.
The boys’ junior high team will be lead by Rodger Fair at a salary of $2,207.12. Fred Elvey will assist at a salary of $1,741.55. The girls’ junior high team will be led by Steve Conlon at a salary of $2,120.31 and Chris Walker will assist at $1,652.86.
John Hayes will lead the Blue Devils to battle on the gridiron in 1003-04 at a salary of $5,652.64. His assistants will be William Crowell and Randy Miller at $3,161.13 each, and Nick Lovrich at $2,888.88. Volunteer assistants will be Scott Boyer and Mike Estep.
The junior high football team will be coached by Charles Burch at a salary of $2,171.44. The assistants will be Art Partner at $1,909.34, and Chuck Erickson at $1,818.43. Volunteer assistants will be William Edmiston, Richard Schreier, Brandon Hescox and Travis Martin. There is a vacancy at the equipment manager’s position.
The boys’ track team will be lead by Nick Lovrich, at a salary of $2,907.51, and the assistant will be Charles Burch at $1,929.87. Volunteer assistants will be William Edmiston, George Bell and Kenneth Swanson.
The girls’ track team will be headed by Julie Roseborough at a salary of $3,183.33. She will be assisted by Susan Nycum at a salary of $1,783.05. Volunteer assistants will be Robin Campbell and Rhonda Gensamer.
Julie Roseborough will lead both the boys’ and girls’ cross country teams at a salary of $2,527.38. She will be assisted by Susan Nycum, at a salary of $1,594.93.
Three vacancies remain on the varsity volleyball team. Jennel Miller will coach the team at a salary of $2,952.54. There are openings for assistant varsity coach, junior high head coach and junior high assistant coach.
Ron Wilson is entering his third year as head coach of the varsity grapplers. His salary will be $3,198.60. His assistant will be Craig Dutrow, at a salary of $2,113.49.
The junior high wrestling team will be lead by Tim Andrekovich at a salary of $2,040.35. The assistant coach will be Jim Weyant at a salary of $1,594.42.
In cheerleading, Christine Scalzi will be the head advisor at $1,982.33. Thornhill will assist Scalzi at a salary of $1,466.88. Teresa Scalzi will be the volunteer assistant.
Greg Perry will lead the golf team at a salary of $1,568.83 and Ken Swanson will volunteer as an assistant.
The board also approved the following extra-curricular activities advisors for the 2003-04 academic year.
John Hayes, athletic director, $6.950.88; John Garritano, assistant athletic director, $1,598.31; Richard Bower, high school choral director, $1,190.97; Jennifer Wright, middle school choral director, $882.75; Susan Kovensky, freshman class advisor, $326.05; Sara Weamer, sophomore class advisor, $326.05; Sally Padula, junior class advisor, $1,930.78; and Chris Claar, senior class advisor, $1,930.78.
Also, James Mackereth, high school environmental club, $326.05; Timothy Trexler, environmental ed advisor, $1,532.36; Erik Gabrielson and John Garritano, FBLA (1/2 each), $163.03; Amanda Stimer, flag corp, $571.88; Judy Dorezas, french club, $326.05; Jennifer Wright, hand bells, $440.45; Mary Kay O’Connor, $315, Helping Hands; Susan Kovensky, Hylite newspaper advisor, $1,787.76; Sara Weamer, Hylite Newspaper proofreader, $326.05.
Also, Charles Burch, Key Club, $326.05; Deb Goldstein, library club, $326.05; Paula Carlson, literary magazine, $275.42; Heidi Link, majorette advisor, $735.27; Brad Weirich, Math Counts, $245.99; Kathy Taylor, middle school speech league, $326.05; Kathy Burch, middle school speech league advisor, $326.05; Connie Stewart and Darlene Carter, middle school yearbook, $508.97.
Also, Chris Clarr, National Honor Society, $326.05; Conine Stewart and Darlene Carter, Jr. National Honor Society, $157.50; Sue Estep, peer counseling advisor, $326.05; Kathy Burch, reading competition advisor, $326.05; Christine Clarr, Spanish club, $326.05; Diane Jonson, speech league advisor 1, $494.03; Bill Edmiston, speech league advisor 2, $494.03; and Chris Clarr, spirit club, $315.
Also, Richard Bower, stage crew, $1,190.97; Richard Bower, student congress advisor, $494.03; Susan Kovensky, high school student council, $1,834.22; Timothy Trexler, middle school student council, $1,834.22; and Sue Kovensky and Kirsten Treese, yearbook advisor co-advisors, $1,061.92 each.
The following band consultants were also approved.
Barry Mellott, drill designer, $1,490.81; Jason Burkle, percussion instructor, $928.53; Amanda Stimer, colorguard instructor, $928.53; and James Wilson, J.R. Brinkman and Dave Horetsky, volunteers.