Local petition is generating signatures opposing gas price increase

A petition directed to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Utility Regulators is generating lots of talk and signatures in businesses in Tyrone.
The petition, constructed by Tyrone resident William Fink, opposes Dominion Peoples Gas and its request for an increase in natural gas prices. A 50 percent price increase is being proposed for the entire state of Pennsylvania, and local residents are doing their part to put an end to it.
The Daily Herald received a copy of the petition earlier this week and it states that utility regulators: “Why do natural gas prices need to keep going up?”
The petition states that suppliers are getting rich and it’s time for state leaders to show some backbone and crack down on the natural gas industries. The petition also states that natural gas companies spend millions in lobby money while local consumers rely on the protection of their elected officials.
There is a proposal to restrict exploratory drilling for natural gas even though the consumers of Pennsylvania are facing the possible price increase. The Bureau of Forestry has thrown its hat in the ring and is holding public hearings over the next several weeks on the same issue.
The petition asks for signatures in a vote against the gas company’s request for a price increase. Tyrone resident William Fink plans to meet with Representative Jerry Stern on the issue and petition on Tuesday, September 9.
Dominion Peoples website offers that the last rate request for Pennsylvania took place in April of 2003 and was indicated at an 18 percent increase. The gas company states that it doesn’t make a profit on the gas itself and that rates have remained the same since 1995, however delivery charges were modified.
Dominion Peoples is required by law to buy the most reliable gas supply at the lowest price available and their website states that the price of gas fluctuates. Different budget plans are offered and cheaper gas options can be obtained through other suppliers. The official website for Dominion Peoples gas is www.dom.com