Complimentary Therapies in Women’s Health scheduled for Sept. 23

The Women’s Health Center of Tyrone is sponsoring a free community education program titled Complimentary Therapies in Women’s Health at the classroom of the Tyrone Hospital on September 23 at 7 p.m.
The public is invited to attend, and the program will be geared toward women’s health issues. Reservations are not required.
Instructor for the program, Denise Kay CRNP, will discuss general complimentary and alternative health therapies that are popular in today’s society such as: homeopathy, natural hormone therapies, nutritional therapies, herbal, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and reflexology.
The purpose of the program is to educate women on different types of care that is available to them in today’s world of modern medicine. While Kay is not against alternative care, she feels that women should be educated before they try complimentary therapies.
“People need to be well-informed before they get themselves into trouble or waste money,” she said.
Some of the questions that women should ask before agreeing to complimentary care include: what is the therapy provider’s background, where was the provider educated, and are they licensed/qualified, etc. Another question that should be asked is how is this type of therapy going to help in the long run?
There will be a scheduled audience question and answer session after Kay presents the information.
Also, she invites participants to bring life experiences to share with the group. For example, if someone has tried reflexology, she would like that person to share those experiences with the audience so that everyone can learn something from that particular therapy experience.
The free educational classes sponsored by the Women’s Health Center of Tyrone have been going on now for almost a year. Approximately 10 programs were held throughout this year, including the scheduled complimentary therapies in women’s health program.
Popular topics for classes held this year included memory and the aging female brain and the women’s health fair that was held in conjunction with area businesses at the Tyrone Hospital.
Next year, the classes will be held quarterly so that Kay can provide quality information to all that attend.
The upcoming educational program scheduled in October will relate to breast cancer awareness since October has been deemed breast cancer awareness month.
Other upcoming events include an American Cancer Society Making Strides walk on October 5 that will be held in Johnstown. This special walk is only held in four cities across Pennsylvania, and Johnstown was chosen as one of the cities to represent the area.
Making Strides is an organization specifically designed for breast cancer research. Money raised in Blair County stays in the county to help women who are currently fighting breast cancer.