Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

A copy of the September Paper Age magazine, a paper industry trade publication, has circulated through Tyrone and has caused a lot of local talk involving the content of a brief industry news piece that mistakenly mentions the Tyrone paper plant.
The article, on page six of the issue, talks about a company named Buckeye Technologies and its new agreement with Nippon Paper Chemicals Company of Japan. The agreement is for Buckeye Technologies to be the marketing company for Nippon and its paper products.
After a quote from Buckeye Technologies President David Ferraro, the news brief then goes into mentioning the new American Publishing Plant, here in Tyrone. The way the article reads, it appears that Buckeye Technologies is a partner with locally based Team Ten LLC.
That is not the case.
John O’Brien, managing editor of Paper Age magazine told The Daily Herald this morning that a mistake was made and that Buckeye and the Tyrone mill have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
“I don’t know how two separate articles came together as one. It was a mistake in production. And I apologize for the mistake and any confusion it has caused,” said O’Brien.
An article on the purchase of the former Westvaco plant was featured in the July edition of the magazine.
American Paper President John Ferner also told The Daily Herald: “It is all local ownership and Buckeye Technologies has nothing to do with Team Ten.”
Paper Age magazine is making a correction and posting the information on its company website.

By Rick