Church of the Good Shepherd celebrating 25 years of Lenten breakfasts for area youth

Reverend Norman Huff moved to the Tyrone area in 1978, and the next year he initiated what turned into a tradition at the Church of the Good Shepherd.
This year, Rev. Huff and all involved are celebrating 25 years of youth Lenten breakfasts at the church.
According to Rev. Huff, the breakfasts started out small with about 13 kids and young people attending, and at their peak, over 100 area youth attended the breakfasts. Over the last few years, an average of 30-40 kids attend the Lenten breakfasts each time.
“The purpose is to help the kids realize it’s a time of preparation for Easter and the hope that God has given to us through his son, Jesus,” said Rev. Huff.
He said a highlight of the breakfasts is that it brings kids from all denominations together to celebrate a special season.
The first breakfast is scheduled for Ash Wednesday, February 25, beginning at 7 a.m. Seven breakfasts are planned, one for every Wednesday morning. The last breakfast is scheduled for April 7.
The reason the breakfasts are scheduled at 7 a.m. is so that they are over in time for the kids who attend the breakfasts to make it to school on time.
Rev. Huff said the menu for the breakfasts vary every week, with everything from home fries to pancakes to eggs and bacon.
Rev. Huff and Mary Michaels spearhead the breakfasts, and they arrive at the church on Wednesdays at 5:30 a.m. to set up, cook, and prepare for the occasion. Rev. Huff also said that for 20 years Betty Andrews worked diligently as a planner for the breakfasts.
This year, the breakfast committee is asking for volunteers from area churches to come in to help prepare the breakfasts as well. If anyone is interested, contact Rev. Huff or Mrs. Michaels.
Also, the breakfasts are provided to the youth at no cost. Because of this, the breakfast committee will accept donations to be used for the breakfasts from area organizations and individuals.
Area youth are asked to call the church the Monday before to RSVP for the week’s scheduled breakfast, but it is not necessary.
A listing of the speaker for each week’s breakfast is scheduled to be posted on the community page of the Daily Herald as well.
For additional information about the Lenten breakfasts, contact the Church of the Good Shepherd at 684-2472.