Magistrate to rule on YMCA hearing next week

Yesterday, the Tyrone Area YMCA board of directors and former executive director Amy Hampton met in court at District Justice Joseph Moran’s Altoona office over a civil lawsuit involving over $8,000.
Moran will have five days to decide on the ruling.
The Tyrone Area YMCA is being represented by Attorney Joseph Quinn, and Hampton is being represented by Attorney Mary Ann Probst.
On December 30, Hampton filed a civil lawsuit at District Magistrate Fred Miller’s office against the Tyrone Area YMCA Board of Directors.
According to the complaint filed by Hampton, the board agreed to pay a 25 percent bonus being paid upon profits made during the fiscal year 2002. She said the board not making good on their February 25, 2002 agreement is a breach of contract.
Also in the complaint, it stated that the Form 990 2002, dated November 10, 2003 and completed by John Ramsey, CPA, showed an excess of $33,198 for the year.
Based on the excess, Hampton said in the complaint, “Calculations of the 25 percent bonus indicates that the Tyrone Area YMCA owes me $8,299.50.”
Citing a conflict of interest, since Miller was serving on the YMCA board and has since signed up to serve again, the case was moved to Moran’s offices.
When contacted by the Daily Herald, Mike Blaska said he was present at yesterday’s hearing. He was vice-president of the YMCA board at the time Hampton was hired, and John Harlow was president of the board at the time.
“My role was just to present the proper facts about what she (Hampton) was presented in her contract when she was hired here,” said Blaska.
At the hearing, Blaska provided his copy of the contract, which was handwritten.
Blaska said this contract confirmed the fact that a copy was signed by Hampton and then board president John Harlow.
He also said three contracts were made, one going to Harlow, one going to Hampton, and one going into Hampton’s personnel file at the YMCA.
Harlow told Blaska he threw away his copy of the contract when he moved. The other two copies of the contract cannot be found.
Blaska said the contract basically stated that Hampton would receive a base salary of $30,000 and that she would also receive health insurance and vacation time. The contract also stated that Hampton must reside in the Tyrone Area School District within one year of signing the contract.
According to Blaska, the bonus structure that was set up was as follows: 50 percent up to $5,000; 40 percent up to $10,000; 30 percent up to $15,000 and 25 percent up to $15,001 and up.
Blaska said the bonus structure did not include money from fund raisers, personal donations or program money and that the bonus was set up for Hampton to gain corporate sponsors for the YMCA.
“It’s just a matter of what he (Moran) decides now,” said Blaska. “I’m just keeping my fingers crossed he decides on the YMCA.”