Tyrone majorettes traveling to championships March 27; hosting Home Show March 20 with indoor color guard

The 2004 Tyrone Senior High School majorettes have started another indoor competition season.
The squad competes in the Blue Majorette Division in the Keystone Indoor Drill Association. This season alone, the girls have competed in eight shows, taking first place honors at each one.
Because of their hard work over the past season, the squad is scheduled to travel to championships in Hanover on March 27.
The girls will also perform in their Tournament Indoor Drill Association Home Show on March 20 in the Tyrone High School gym. The competition is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m.
This show includes: percussion, majorettes and color guard units. The show will have 38 competing units from Blair, Cambria, Huntingdon, Centre and Clinton Counties.
All of the participating girls on the senior high squad practice three to four times a week, in addition to taking private lessons.
Squad instructors include: Wendy Ammerman, Kathy (Harris) Banks, Christy Black and Carol Riley. This year, flag work was choreographed by Kelly Ammerman. Drill design was done by Tom Mitchell, and the advisor is Merle Louise Ammerman.
Squad members include: Lea Morrissey, captain; Cori Oswalt, co-captain; Nicole Cartwright, Amanda Miller, Lindsay Johnson and Ashley Cowher.
This year’s senior high squad is performing to “Rockin’ the Paradise Theater” by Styx.
Also, the Tyrone Middle School majorette squad has been competing since February 14. The middle school squad placed first four times and second four times since the season began.
The middle school squad is also scheduled to compete at the Home Show on March 20 and at KIDA championships on March 27 in Hanover.
The middle school squad instructors are Melissa Watters and Kristie Jackson. Drill design was done by Barry Mellott. The majorette advisor is Merle Louise Ammerman, and Lynsey Watters is the squad’s runner.
Members of the squad include: Andrea Gurekovich, Casie Glashauser, Britany Koegler, Ashley Miller, Stephanie Bagshaw and Shauna McClellan.
Recently, Britany Koelger and Ashley Miller competed at Mechanicsburg in the Junior High Duet Division and placed first.
Upcoming events for the majorettes include tag days scheduled for April 9-10.
The community is asked to support the girls during this time for all of their hard work during the season.
The Tyrone High School indoor color guard is also competing at the Home Show on March 20 at the Tyrone High School gym.
Indoor color guard participants include: Meghan Turnbaugh, senior co-captain; Jessica Reese, co-captain; Leslie Eckley, Tiffanie Weber, Erica Rumberger, Sara Boyer, Nikki Thomas, Laura Moore, Brook Rorabaugh, Sara Fink, Shannon Riley, Cristina Rodriguez, Elizabeth Baker and Samantha Kimberling.
The floor crew includes: Bill Hartsock, Kristen Root, Ashley Turnbaugh, Pam and Jeff Weber, Lynda and Ernie Eckley, Gerry Thomas and Kenny Riley.
The advisor, seamstress and bus driver is Patty Shellenberger. The instructor is Tim Schaul, and the choreographer is Angela Schaul.
The color guard began the season in early winter when the drill and equipment work was set to music.
They spent countless hours learning and perfecting their work even before it was displayed at their first competition.
This year’s show has been set to the Styx hit “Come Sail Away.”
Upon completing their drill, color guard members performed at a preview show and took second place. Their first competitive show at Windber also gave them a second place win.
For its second competition, the guard traveled to Forest Hills where the members captured their first win of the season.
They defeated seven other competing groups from the area.
Their most recent competition against four other groups held at Dubois High School became the second win for Tyrone.
The color guard is scheduled to have approximately four to five more competitions left in the season.