New Pig unveils new warehouse building; recognizes ‘piggers’ for dedication

Yesterday marked an important day for the economics of northern Blair County.
After a devastating fire destroyed the warehouse facility of New Pig Corp. in Tipton in October 2002, employees of the company, affectionately known as “piggers,” immediately began brainstorming about what to do next.
One thing for sure, they weren’t going to throw the towel in and days later, preparations were being made to re-construct a new, bigger and better warehouse facility.
Yesterday, that facility, along with the more than 6,000 people who helped make it possible, was recognized during a dedication ceremony in the rear of the the new, Building No. 6.
“This is truly the greatest thrill of this job,” said president and CEO of the Altoona-Blair County Development Corporation Marty Marasco. “It’s the best thing to be able to help your home-grown, Blair County business build, grow and provide jobs for our neighbors and friends.”
ABCD was instrumental in helping New Pig construct the $4.5 million building, which now houses a state-of-the art warehousing facility.
In addition to the dedication of the new building, the employees of New Pig were recognized for their hard work and dedication.
“They (the employees) believe in the area and they believe in the people,” said Sen. Robert Jubelirer, who, along with state Rep. Jerry Stern, were instrumental in acquiring plenty of state funding for the project. “That’s what really makes this work.”
Others offering comments at the dedication included: Carl DeCaspers, director of PR and media for New Pig; Nino Vella, president and CEO of New Pig; Tony Deely, director of distribution for New Pig; and Ben Staplefeld, chairman of the board of New Pig.
The new building will be used strictly for warehouse space. Non-warehouse working employees who once held office space in Building No. 2 are now set up in the former C-COR building.
The measurements of the warehouse equal 350-feet by 350-feet. Inside, there is 122,500 square feet of space. The building was designed to allow for expansion. Another 43,750 square feet can be expanded to the north and 35,000 square feet can be expanded south.
Plant manager Scott Diminick said that an advantage of the new building is that it is connected directly to the manufacturing building.
“Before the fire, anything that needed to be taken from manufacturing to the warehouse would have to have been loaded on trucks then moved 250 feet to the warehouse,” he said. “It wasn’t a big deal to move all that, but we’re sure going to save some time now.”
According to the web site, since 1985, New Pig has been providing innovative products and services to