Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Tyrone Hospital honored employees for years of service at a recognition ceremony held at the Tyrone Hospital on May 12 during National Hospital Week.
Recognition pins are awarded to employees for service in five year increments, for ten or more years of service.
“Our employees are our most valuable resource,” said Walter S. Van Dyke, chief executive officer at Tyrone Hospital.
“We are very proud of their dedication, hard work, and the quality of service they provide.”
Nancy Hunter of the hospital\’s Central Supply Department was among the attendees. Mrs. Hunter was recognized for providing thirty years of service to Tyrone Hospital. This is also the year that she will retire. Mrs. Hunter said Tyrone Hospital has been a good place to call home for these past thirty years.
“It is a very friendly and family oriented environment,” she said.
“I will really miss all of my co-workers when I retire.”
Cindy Harper of the hospital\’s laboratory was also recognized for 30 years of service at the ceremony. She has worked in the laboratory for her entire career at Tyrone Hospital.
“I enjoy working at Tyrone Hospital. It has been a solid employer for many years. It has been interesting these past 30 years as I have seen a lot of changes in the healthcare industry during that time,” said Harper.
Other employees who have provided 10 or more years of service to Tyrone Hospital are as follows: Donna Natale, (43), Laquita Potts (41), Marian Gault (37) , Shirley Kooken (29), Cathalene Fink (28), Patricia Cummings (28), Cindy Taylor (27) Lenis Kenjora (26), Barbara Desch (25), Carolyn Imler (25), Linda Wertz (25), Sharon Hedberg (24), Norma High (25), Sally Maceno (25), and Linda Morrison (24).
Also, Maureen Wright (24), Linda Irvin (22), Joey Zimmerman (22), Lori Ruhle (22), Linda DelGrosso (21), Vicki Bozak (21), Gail Henry (21), Anita Jubas (21), Philip Maceno (21), Barbara Marinak (21), Louise Mock (22), Lydia Potts (20), Barbara Garner (19), Karen Kizina (19), Gregory Murray (19), Sandra Snyder (19), Audrey Gregg (19), Karen Reese (18), Mary Burgoon (18) and Bonnie Miller (17).
Also, Jacqueline Closson (17), Kristina Murray (16), Carol Beichler (17), Annette Lynn (17), Charlene Hand (15), Lucinda McLarren (15), Gina Albright (15), Kathleen Cutler (14), Theresa Waple (14), Sandra Warnock (14), Jessica Ammerman (14), Lorraine Fenton (13), Linda Harris (13), Peggy Hencherick (13), Jacqueline Kline (13), Suzie Snyder (13), Mark Barony (13), Melanie Rhodes (14), Barbara Salter (13), Michelle Dillon (13), Robin Laich (13), Mary Ann Oliver (12), Vanessa Strang (12), Linda Schirmacher (12), Cloyd Beers (12), Dawn Albright (15), Sunda Baney (12), Rhonda Himes (12), Sara Folmar (120), Karen Barr (10) Cathy Myers (10), William Shannon (10).

By Rick