Local second graders visit the Pittsburgh Zoo

All of the second grade classes from Tyrone Elementary School visited the Pittsburgh Zoo on Tuesday, May 25. The busses left the school at around 8:30 a.m. loaded with very excited children. They needed three coach-style busses, equipped with everything, including a movie screen.
Students went to the zoo to explore a variety of animals from around the world. The children were able to experience the PPG Aquarium, filled with jellyfish, toads, bull frogs and “Poco fish.”
\”Poco Fish are very fat, round blue/black fish,\” said second grader Elijah Hatfield.
They also saw a moray eel, helmet crabs, crocodiles and the red-tailed catfish.
The second grade class also visited the deer yard where they were able to pet Deer. Eli said that one even tried to play with his shoe lace.
The children watched kangaroo while walking along a path around the zoo. Second graders were exposed to the living environments and habits of seals, sea loins, otters, beavers, the Siberian tiger, elephants, cheetah, giraffes, and antelope.
At the reptile and insect\’s exhibit, they could see the Komodo Dragon, Burmese python, milk snakes, a king snake, the timber rattlesnake, and a red-legged tarantula. The children went to the Discovery Pavilion and Kid\’s Kingdom with their classmates.
In addition to all of these wonderful animals, insets, and places to visit there was lemurs, bats, birds, bears, snow leopards, and the black-footed cat.
The trip was chaperoned by brave and daring staff members, parents, and both Mrs. Dutrow and Mrs. Spewock, the school\’s principals. This trip was generously sponsored by the Tyrone PTO. The PTO provided a meal at a McDonald\’s restaurant on the way home for the students.
The children were allowed to bring up to $10 spending money for souvenirs. Some purchased key chains, small electric crocodile fans and pens.
The trip was an all day event spanning from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
It was an exciting day and as the busses rolled into the school with parents and grandparents anxiously awaiting their very tired and very wired children and they couldn\’t wait to hear all about the events of their day.