Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Local students, including all of Tyrone Elementary School, were among the 1,800 students, teachers, and parents who participated in School Family Day at DelGrosso’s Amusement Park Wednesday.
When the busses arrived in the parking lot that morning, excited parents and grandparents waited to find their child and lend a helping hand.
At first, the children walked very well in a line to greet their parents, then all at once, it was like being in the middle of a swarm of bees. Those there had to back up or be swallowed in the crowd. After getting with the group they were helping, parents, teachers, and students had a great time.
Parents were reminded to dress their child according to the weather as well as to pack a sack lunch for the day.
Umbrellas were a necessity because of the rainy weather. Last year’s trip was a wet one, although this year the rain held off.
Tyrone PTO purchased “all-day” ride passes for students. A small amount of spending money was encouraged for the students to buy a drink or play games.
Cody Nail won a stuffed snake and Jacob Belinda won a poster playing skill games. It was a very exciting day for everyone, watching the children play and hang out with friends before summer arrived, parents and teachers socializing.
Parents were able to purchase tickets for themselves at a cost of $3.95 so they could accompany students on rides.
The park was open to the public; however, it closed at 4 p.m.
Students were required to report to their bus at 2 p.m. so they could return to school in time to go home.
For safety reasons parents were not allowed to take their child home from the park.
The day drew to a close everyone was worn out; however, it was a wonderful ending to a wonderful year.

By Rick