During summer season, PENNDOT posts interstate travel restrictions online

To provide motorists with the latest information during the busy summer travel season, secretary of transportation Allen D. Biehler, P.E., today announced that a statewide construction work zone map is available on the Internet.
“With the approach of the July 4th holiday weekend and throughout the summer, this online construction map will help motorists identify work zones on interstates and other major traffic routes so they can plan their schedules accordingly,” said Biehler.
The statewide work zone information for interstates and other major routes can be found via the PA PowerPort at www.state.pa.us by typing “construction” as a keyword. Motorists can also get information from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website at www.dot.state.pa.us by clicking the link, “Statewide Construction Map.”
The construction website identifies work zone locations and interstates and other major routes across the state. Clicking on a specific work site will reveal the route, county, length of travel restriction and duration of work. The website also provides regional telephone contacts for additional information.
For summer travelers, PENNDOT recommends that motorists plan ahead by checking for possible travel delays, adding extra time into their schedules and having a plan to use alternate routes.
Biehler urges motorists to use driver courtesy as a way to make the trip safer.
“Highway safety is everyone’s role. It is up to all of us to get to our destinations as safely as possible and to extend to other motorists the same courtesy as you would expect yourself,” said Biehler.
PENNDOT recommends the following safety tips: signal intentions, and use turn signals to indicate lane changes; vehicles should use the travel (right) lane and pass using the left (passing) lane; don’t tailgate, and leave at least a two second space between vehicles in good weather and all vehicle occupants should use seatbelts, and buckle up every time when riding in a vehicle.
Also, follow posted speed limits and be especially cautious when traveling through work zones; plan extra travel time in case of unanticipated road delays or traffic congestion; rotate drivers on long trips and make frequent stops to reduce fatigue and never drink and drive.
To report roadway maintenance concerns on state highways, motorists may call 1-800-FIX-ROAD toll-free.