Christmas decorations featured at library

Mary Lou Calderwood, local sculpture and painter, is renowned for her unique and magical art dolls.
Now everyone can have some of her magic in their home for the holidays as Mary Lou’s unique Christmas ornaments and elves will be featured at the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library tomorrow.
Constructed of polymer clay, each ornament and elf is individually sculpted with clothing and accessories hand sewn by the artist.
Mary Lou originally began creating bread dough ornaments, which evolved into the dolls.
Her mystical \”fairies\” have become the most popular creation and her signature doll.
Mary Lou recalls how the fairy theme came to fruition, “I like to say that the fairies really chose me. When my children were little we would picnic in Tyrone\’s Reservoir Park.
“There was a path, which curved through the woods and was lined by thick mountain laurel bushes. Only the children were small enough to play under the mountain laurel, which we always called ‘fairyland’, a place of endless possibilities.”
For this holiday season, Mary Lou has created an assortment of Christmas ornaments and figurines that capture the whimsy of her fairies.
These unique symbols of the season will be available for purchase as part of the Victorian Christmas celebration at the Tyrone Library from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. this Saturday.
Plan to stop in and meet the artist.