Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Last week brought the first day of winter and with it will surely come more snow. The area was already hit with two major snowstorms and with more of the white stuff likely to come, Bellwood and Antis Township want to remind residents about snow removal requirements and other important winter information.
Bellwood Borough and Antis Township residents should keep in mind some useful information when it comes to the plowing of roads and cleaning of sidewalks this winter.
In Bellwood, residents are reminded to follow the odd/even parking ordinance. Individuals can also help by moving vehicles when the snow plow is on their street.
In Antis Township, work crews consider the removal of snow to be one of their most important jobs. The Antis Township Department of Public Works keeps township roads clean and safe following a snowfall by plowing roadways and using chemical treatments that melt snow and ice on the pavement.
According to township representatives, roads are cleaned in priority order, beginning first with major arteries, then moving to secondary roadways, and finally cleaning residential streets.
The department makes every effort to keep all township roads clean, but in cases of unpredicted or quickly falling snow it may take time for crews to make it to residential roads. Keep in mind, crews are responsible for over 45 miles of roadway.
During a snow emergency, all vehicles must be removed from the streets or they will be towed so crews are able to complete the safe removal of the snow.
The current township ordinance states “Within one hour after the commencement of each fall of snow in the Township of Antis, it shall be the duty of the owner, lessee or the operator of any vehicle which has been parked upon the street or highway in the Township to remove said vehicle from the public streets and highways of the Township.
“The Township of Antis, through its authorized agents and employees, shall have the right to remove such vehicle by towing or other means, and the cost of such removal shall be collected from such owner, lessee or operator, in addition to the fine and costs hereinbefore set forth.”
In a previous article, Bellwood Borough Operations Manager, Randy Showalter, provided several tips for the community, saying Borough employees appreciate their help with this task.
He asked parents to remind children not to play in the snow banks along the road, made by the plow trucks. Also, when they see a plow truck, children should get away from the street and remain in their yards, because the plows throw snow off the roads onto the sides of the street.
Finally, Showalter asked that residents have patience and remain cooperative throughout this process as borough employees continue working hard to keep the streets clear.
Also, a reminder that sidewalks within the borough need to be cleaned within 48 hours after a snowfall.
Residents in both Bellwood and Antis Township are reminded not to shovel snow into the street. This is a violation of the PA Motor Vehicle Code and doing so creates additional traffic safety concerns.
Looking ahead, Bellwood borough employees will be picking up Christmas trees on the first two Fridays in January. Residents are asked to leave their trees curbside to be picked up on the designated days.
Anyone with questions regarding snow removal in Antis Township may call 742-7361, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In the borough, call 742-8591.

By Rick