Boy Scouts display flag from Iraq

Members of Cub Scout Pack 320 can proudly display an American flag they received from the United States Marines stationed at Camp Fallujah, Iraq.
In early December, the Cub Scouts assembled 11 gift packages of personal care items, snack foods, phone cards, and handwritten Christmas cards for the American troops deployed in Iraq.
In mid-February, the scouts received a handwritten “thank you” letter and a certificate of authenticity for the flag from area resident Major Terry Branstetter, USMC.
The certificate reads: “Be it known this flag was flown over liberated Iraq on the tenth day of December, 2005 at Camp Fallujah, in honor of Cub Pack 320, Tyrone, Pa.
“May all who shall read, know that this certificate was presented with sincere appreciation to a pack of true American young men from the Marines of the Iraqi Security Forces Directorate, Second Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Fallujah, Iraq.”
The certificate is signed by Colonel R.E. Coia, USMC IFF Director and Master Gunnery Sergeant F.P. Collins, USMC IFF Operations Chief.