Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

According to Tyrone Area School District Key Club advisor Lucas Rhoades, this year’s Homecoming events are going to be a little different.
As in year’s past, there will be a pep rally for students at the high school gym during school on Friday.
After school, there will be a homecoming parade set to leave the parking lot at approximately 5:45 p.m. All the girls who were nominated for homecoming will be escorted to the field at this time, by way of Clay Avenue, then straight to the football field. The marching band and the cheerleaders are scheduled to accompany the girls in the parade.
Rhoades said all 20 girls who were nominated for 2006-07 Homecoming will then take their places on the field. New this year, the winners will be announced at the field before the game begins.
The TASD Homecoming 2006-07 nominations include:
• Seniors: Ashley Cowher, representing Majorettes; Hallie Dobbs, representing Eagle Eye; Brittany Harker, representing Senior High Student Council/Tennis/Yearbook; Stephanie Lynn, representing Key Club and Shannon Shultz, representing Cheerleading/Softball.
• Juniors: Kassie Faretta, representing Basketball; Brittany Hosband, representing Tennis/Cross Country; Liz Romano, representing FBLA/ Cheerleading; Cassy Zimmerman, representing Volleyball and Lauren Woodring, representing HOSA.
• Sophomores: Amy Lewis, representing Sr. High Student Council/Tennis; Shauna McClellan, representing Cheerleading; Shannon Riley, representing Renaissance; Laura Thompson, representing Chorus/POPS/Softball and Heather Walk, representing Key Club.
• Freshman: Morgan Cambridge, representing HOSA/Key Club; Alesia Detwiler, representing Cheerleading; Morgan Lucas, representing Soccer; Ashley Miller, representing Majorettes and Katie Spangler, representing Marching Band.

By Rick