Addition of park benches

The area in front of the Reservoir Park Amphitheater is being enhanced by the addition of eight park benches to provide more comfortable seating for persons attending concerts and community functions held there. A project of Tyrone Rotary Club, members were busy putting the benches together and in place at their meeting held in the park recently. The benches are approximately six feet in length and are constructed of concrete end caps with 2 x 4 boards placed for the seat and back. The benches are secured in place by a rebar attached to the underside of the concrete end and placed in approximately 24 inches deep of concrete. Rotary President William Bell said members placed the benches for ease of maneuverability of people attending events there as it adds some seating arrangement to the area. He added the Rotary Club would like to thank Jim Clark Jr. for helping to load and unload the benches at the park and for helping set them where they needed to be. (The Daily Herald/Virgie Werner)