TASD assistant superintendent Joann Lang set to retire next year

Tyrone Area School District assistant Superintendent Joann Lang will retire from her position at the district effective June 29, 2007.
The announcement was made during last night’s school board meeting. The adoption of a motion by the board made it official. Lang was recognized by school members and Superintendent Dr. William N. Miller through their individual comments during last night’s meeting.
She had forwarded a letter to Dr. Miller and the school board earlier this month to inform them of her intentions.
Lang said she would be focusing more time on her family and other educational opportunities. Lang has been involved in public education for three decades.
She said she had been “privileged to work with many talented individuals” at Tyrone Area. Lang also spoke of the “journey in making Tyrone Area School District” a wonderful environment for students and staff.
She noted the district’s greatest resource was its students and said it was important for the focus to remain there as the district faces “new challenges.”
In comments to the school board and administrators last night, Lang said, “It’s always about the kids with me.”
In her retirement letter, she said, “Although I am leaving behind my Tyrone family, I feel confident that the Board of Directors, administration and staff will work collaboratively to take our district from good to great in the years to come.”
She also thanked Dr. Miller and school board members, past and present, for giving her “an opportunity to join in making a difference in the lives of the many students who passed through our doors.”
So, what will Lang be doing after leaving Tyrone Area next year?
“I will continue to be a lifelong learner,” said Lang. “I’m involved now in training for Governor (Ed) Rendell’s initiative, Inspired Leadership.”
Lang said the initiative is designed to help school principals become “instructional leaders.”
Lang explained, “Years ago, principals were considered managers and now we are looking at instructional leadership. There’s a difference between managing and leading.”
Lang said studies show the United States is falling behind other countries in math, language and reading.
“We are learning how to better address that issue through the training of leaders such as a principal to lead (their) building,” said Lang.
Next year, Lang will be deployed to take what she has learned through her training and bring it to principals in different schools in the state.
“What I’ve been able to do this year, through this training, I’ve been able to bring a lot back to the (Tyrone Area) School District and we are starting to implement some of that change now,” explained Lang. It’s pretty exciting.”
As for her time at Tyrone Area, Lang said she couldn’t have worked for “a finer” district. She called the district “proactive” and said it was “always on the cutting edge” at each educational level.