\’Operation Tyrone/Bellwood\’ project under way to support Troops in Iraq

With many of our service men and women serving in Iraq, one local group is organizing a project to help show support for the troops serving there.
The American Disabled Iraqi Veterans, a fairly new organization, is organizing a project they call Operation Tyrone/Bellwood. The purpose of this project is for members from local communities to send correspondence to the troops in Iraq. They are not asking people to purchase gifts and put together care packages. They are only asking for people to write and send letters, cards, or pictures.
This organization is approaching many area schools asking their students to become a part of this project. They would like as many people in Tyrone, Bellwood, and surrounding communities to be involved as possible.
They will not have to mail the items themselves. There is a drop off location. People can drop off their letters, cards, or pictures to the Tyrone American Legion anytime before January 18.
Scott Sessamen, a member of this organization, pointed out that from his own experience serving in Iraq that the troops really enjoy any mail they receive, whether it be a letter, a card, or even just s small picture.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Tyrone American Legion at 684-3342.