Tyrone Hospital seeking art work to display

Are you a local artist or photographer seeking an opportunity to display your work?
Tyrone Hospital is extending an invitation to local artists to display their work in the hospital’s art gallery. The gallery is located on the first floor of the hospital.
Tyrone Hospital launched its art gallery about two years ago.
“We had a great response when we put out our first appeal to the community. Our schedule was booked for the first two years,” said Theresa Yanchetz, Marketing Director at Tyrone Hospital. “We are currently seeking individuals who would like to display their art here in the 2007-2008 exhibit year.”
“This is a very unique way of bringing the community into our hospital,” said Annette Lynn, Director of Social Services.
Lynn and Yanchetz share responsibility for managing the hospital’s art gallery.
“It makes the hospital environment more uplifting for our patients and staff. We have heard a lot of positive comments about our art gallery.”
Local artists and photographers are invited to display their work on a first come, first served basis on an eight week rotating basis. The exhibit is limited to photos, paintings, or other flat items that can be hung on a wall. Organizations such as schools or art clubs are invited to submit an exhibit as a group. Each display may include up to 25 pieces.
Tyrone Hospital issues publicity to announce each art exhibit. Interested artists are asked to contact Yanchetz at 684-6348 or via e-mail at tyanchetz@tyronehospital.org.