Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

At Monday evening’s Snyder Township meeting, 11 homes were represented from the Tyrone Forge area concerning the dirt track being operated at what used to be the old Kimberling farm.
John Sultage acted as the spokesperson for the concerned group. He said he visited the supervisors at a township meeting in February to find out more information about the dirt track and that he was back again to see what supervisors had found out about it. Sultage told supervisors he believed the track began operations on April 29.
Ash Woskob, the owner of the track, was in attendance at Monday night’s meeting as well.
Woskob said he opened his business, “Area 251”, as a practice track for bikes and quads. For a fee, individuals are able to practice on the track.
Sultage told supervisors the residents living in the area where the track is located are concerned about the noise from the running of the motorcycles. He added that Dennis Rozick operates his business, which is a greenhouse, about 25 yards away from the track.
The group also believes the street gets muddy from individuals hauling their equipment down from the track.
Talks about getting a decibel reading of the noise were brought up, but currently the township does not have a decibel meter. The township does have a nuisance ordinance in which noise issues are addressed.
Woskob said his business is not open seven days a week, and that practice times are on Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays. He said no alcohol or drugs are permitted on the property.
“It’s good, clean fun,” he said.
Woskob added that he is a motocross driver and that he knew there would be opposition to the track. That is why he bought his own decibel meter and said the train that runs through the area is louder than his dirtbike. He said he also regularly sprays thousands of gallons of water on the track to keep the dust down.
Supervisor Charlie Diehl said since the track falls under land development, Woskob will need to submit a land development plan to the township.

By Rick